Top 4 Tools Every Police Officer Needs

Police officers have a very difficult job, no doubt about it. They strive to keep the peace, enforce the law, and serve the community. In order to this effectively, they need the right equipment. With the right tools, police can stay safer and catch more criminals in a way that’s also safer for innocent bystanders.

Law enforcement equipment varies depending on budget, size of jurisdiction, and crime rate statistics. But there are four tools that most officers depend on, no matter the size of their police force and precinct.


Every police officer in the United States is armed. Typically, officers have at least two types of guns, and often they have even more. Uniformed officers carry a pistol, which is typically a semi-automatic with ammunition loaded into a clip. Some officers may choose to use a revolver, which holds ammunition in a rotating cylinder.

Most officers also keep a 12-gauge shotgun in their police car, which adds extra protection in the event of extreme criminal violence.

Police Badge

The one thing all police officers have, no matter the size of their department, is a badge. Police badges are instantly recognizable and help to establish authority and authenticity whenever law enforcement intervention is required. The badge identifies the officer and the department where he or she works. Most importantly, the badge signifies that the officer wearing it had to work very hard to earn the chance to wear it.

Police Car

The police car may be the single most important tool a police officer uses, and it’s very likely to be the most expensive one as well. Modern police cars come loaded with high tech gadgets and computer screens, with high-quality parts. Police cars have large engines and enhanced suspension for maximum handling. Police car chases are far too common, and it’s important that officers are able to intercept a fleeing vehicle. Because high-speed chases are quite dangerous for the police and innocent bystanders, it’s critical that police cars undergo frequent safety inspections. On rare occasions, entire fleets of police cars are recalled if there is a possible safety risk while operating the vehicle.

Law enforcement usually works with auto manufacturers, such as Ford and Chevrolet, to order customized vehicles for the officers. In addition to the modern computer equipment, these vehicles also come with a divider to restrain criminals in the back seat. The divider is typically a combination of a steel cage and bulletproof glass.


Handcuffs are essential for every police officer who works out in the field. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and very effective for restraining a suspect. As a safety measure, every offender (even a non-violent one) who is ordered into a police car is handcuffed.

Handcuffs are designed to clasp a person’s wrist upon contact. During a violent confrontation, police are trained to quickly pull out their handcuffs and slap them onto the perpetrator’s wrist for instant apprehension. Despite being very affordable, sometimes zip ties are used as handcuffs instead. On rare occasions, such as a large protest, officers may not have enough handcuffs on hand. Zip ties are able to bind a person’s hand cheaply and effectively, although they are much easier to escape if you know how.

Law enforcement officers need a variety of equipment and tools in order to do their job properly and safely. Some police officers are issued bulletproof vests, while others may be issued body cameras. Not all police officers are issued the same array of equipment.

There are four tools that all police officers have, no matter if their department is large or small, or if they serve a small rural town or a large city. Every officer is issued a gun, badge, police car, and handcuffs. A police car allows them to arrive quickly to a crime scene. The badge is a sign of trust and authority, allowing an officer to quickly take charge of a situation. Handcuffs will effectively restrain a suspect, but in very dangerous situations, a gun may be used. Every police officer is prepared to fire their gun to stop a deadly threat.

With today’s modern technology, police departments have many options for equipping their officers. The equipment police officers use depends on the budget of the police department and the needs of the. The job of a police officer is not easy, but with the right tools we can keep our law enforcement safe so they, in turn, can serve and protect us.