Pricing a New or Existing Product: The Gritty Details

The business world has changed immensely with technology making it possible to do business across the world incredible easily. The pricing of products has changed as well as the international aspect has added variables to the costs of certain products and services. A well thought out pricing strategy when it comes to pricing becomes necessary to please consumers but also maximize profitability for the company. Certain costs vary depending on the product being produced. The following are the variable costs that you need to factor as well as aspects in industries that will impact price as well.


The manufacturing of a product can vary in cost immensely depending on what materials are used. For those higher quality products people are willing to pay a bit more. Finding an option that provides both quality with a reasonable price should be the main objective here. Manufacturing can be outsourced to another country in order to save a bit of money, the taxes from bringing in foreign goods could make taking care of manufacturing domestically necessary. Conditions of the factories need to be of the highest quality so it will not be exposed that the company is treating people poorly in other countries. Sending a staff member to check up randomly will allow the business to see the way the employees are really treated.


The transportation of the products is going to impact the price of the product immensely. Depending on where the products are being produced you might have to deal with quite a few logistics. This can include transport by boat, freight, and even by plane. A department that deals with logistics can be tough to put together but the right crew can allow a company to maximize profits while delivering consistently on time. There might come a time where the business grows and you invest in your own shipping methods. Until then pick the most prompt transportation company for your goods that you can work with for a fair price.


The marketing of a new product is much easier for a brand that has been established. For those brands that do not have the recognition of their competitors it is time to even the playing field with an outstanding marketing strategy. For products that are popular internationally it is extremely important to invest quite a bit of the marketing budget on digital marketing. Products that rank higher on a search engine will sell more than their competition on the second page if the quality as well as price is comparable. Customers simply are not going to go through a myriad of search engine pages to find a product. The product descriptions on the site should be of the highest quality as this is a form of pitch that tries to convince the visitor to purchase. Do not throw together a description that does not include specifics and why the product is superior to other makes or models. Content marketing should not include sales pitches but rather engaging quality that can educate a client about the products you provide as well as how it can impact their everyday lives.

Operations Management/Sales

The management all of the operations as well as the sales team’s salaries have to be incorporated into the pricing. When selling a product you want it to get as much exposure as possible by getting large stores to carry it. Those sales people that make these deals can allow a relationship to flourish long term. A store like Target carrying a product automatically will increase your sales due to the millions of extra people that will be exposed to the product. Online sales of these stores will also help you sell as many units as possible. Be careful as to not overpromise on these orders as fostering a healthy relationship for years are what huge success stories are made of.

The above strategy and logistics needs to all be figured out before advertising a product. A healthy margin should be earned even on the bulk discounts that you give to your vendors. Take into account the above before even thinking about a ballpark price as you might see you should price it a bit more expensive to profit appropriately.