How to Get More App Downloads for Your Business

Having a mobile app is a great way to gain traction for your business. Even if you have a responsive site, a mobile app is a great way to capture a bigger chunk of your target market. For starters, mobile applications allow you to reach your customers where they’re most active: their smartphone devices.

For example, you can use push notifications to alert customers on new deals or encourage them to take action on items they’ve put in their cart. You’ll also have an easier way to promote and incentivize customer loyalty with an in-app loyalty program and manage your customer support requests.

There are countless ways you can use a simple app to your benefit. But once you’ve assembled a team to develop your app, then what? Just because you built it doesn’t mean they’ll come. Here’s what you can do to get more people to download your mobile app:

Work With Influencers

As previously mentioned, reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can work wonders. To capitalize on that, it might be in your best interest to partner up with influencers in your industry. Influencers can have tremendous power to sway consumer decision-making. Use influencer tools like Buzzsumo to locate the most relevant influencers in your space. Work with them to create content with will ultimately encourage their followers to download your mobile app.

Keep in mind that micro influencers shouldn’t be ruled out. Although they have less of a following than their macro counterparts, they tend to have higher engagements from a more involved community, and cost less per post. And lastly, be sure to give your influencer creative freedom: they built their audience based on the ability to create great content, and you should trust them to continue doing so. Smart guidelines are all that’s necessary.

Create Compelling Content

There are plenty of ways you can promote your app through compelling content. Whether you’re designing infographics, blog posts, or gameplay videos, content is a good driver for downloads. “Not only is content useful for readers, but it can also boost your position in search engine results pages,” says Detroit Internet Marketing, an SEO company in Michigan. “Part of getting your app—or any product—discovered lies in building the foundation. A solid hybrid content and SEO plan can help you reach customers you might not reach otherwise.”

Start a Referral Program

Referral programs are a very effective tactics for businesses who wish to achieve their goals. One study found that referred customers converted 30% higher. With an effective referral program, your users are encouraged and incentivized to help act as an ambassador to your brand. And when customers are happy with what you’re offering and can receive a reward for suggesting it to others, they’re more likely to do so. With a referral program, when someone else makes a download and takes action on the app, the person who referred them also receives a reward.

Encourage Reviews

It’s no secret that today’s consumers rely heavily on reviews from other consumers. They trust peer reviews much more than they do advertising, and if you want to encourage others to download your app, good reviews are in important start. One of the fastest and easiest ways to garner a review from someone is to request it from directly within the app. You’ve probably seen this before: you’re using an app, and suddenly a pop-up appears asking you to review the app. While there are many people who ignore these pop-ups, there are also others who are happy to leave a review if they’re enjoying the app. Timing is crucial here. You don’t want to request an app review from someone who just downloaded the app.

Don’t Neglect Social Media

Social media is necessary on your mission to improve app downloads. You should be promoting your app across all channels, and communicating with users who engage with your brand on those social channels. Social advertising is also very important. Boosting posts and setting up campaigns will further spread the word about what you have to offer. Don’t just focus on the most popular channels, either. Platforms like Pinterest or Reddit, for example, can be highly beneficial for you. Think about the platforms that your audience uses, and go where they go.