How To Design An Effective Dimensional Mail Campaign

Direct marketing does work. Most business owners think that only email marketing is effective but this is not actually the case. Direct marketing statistics show us that a little over half of the consumers actually want to receive some mail from the brands that they appreciate. If what is sent to the consumer is proper, there is a really good possibility that the physical store will be visited as a result.

We now know that 70% of US citizens see mail as much more personal than the digital marketing campaigns that they are bombarded with. However, this does not mean that you can simply send everything that you want. Dimensional mailers can easily help you to do just that.

When we think about mailers white envelopes instantly stand out. Some might consider the bubble mailers and the truth is that these can be pretty effective. This is because people are already used to them. However, when we want a highly customized experience, the dimensional mailer helps. It can be a package, a box, a postcard that has a magnet or content that opens up and then expands. Numerous options are nowadays available.

If you want to use some dimensional mailers, you need to choose something that is suitable for what you want to send or promote. In order to do this, here are some tips to figure it out.

Don’t Focus Just On The Box

What you print on the box will be eye-catching. Such boxes are usually expensive though and after they are opened, they almost always end up being thrown away.

An alternative to the printed boxes is using labels and publishing messages on package outer sleeve. Such an option is highly cost-effective and needs to be seen as really smart. You instantly make an impression, you save money and stand out of the crowd.

Premium Items Have To Be Carefully Chosen

When choosing the appropriate dimensional mail package, you have to carefully think about audience demographics. This should always include industry, age, gender and anything else that you can use. Offer something that the target audience actually uses. Way too many direct mailing campaigns simply send out generic items that are not at all personalized.

This practically means that you have to personalize what you send based on your brand and based on the needs and desires of the target audience.

Master The Message And The Design

Cohesion is mandatory for a dimensional mailing campaign that is successful. If you want the best possible results, plan ahead. The design and the copy message have to seamlessly work together.

Most of the mailers will include many elements, like inner packaging, outer box, inserts and labels. Due to this, many businesses are recommended to work with marketing companies that have experience in creating effective dimensional mailing campaigns. This guarantees that correct marketing and messaging are used. The copy has to be personal and minimal at the same time. This is a lot more complicated than many believe, especially since the unboxing experience also needs to be special.