How A Small Company Can Compete Via Strategic Marketing Against Far Larger Companies

The small companies of the world rarely have money to throw at problems like larger corporations they are competing with when it comes to marketing. The best ROI possible on a marketing campaign for a small business can keep cash flow healthy as well as maximize results from a specific campaign. The challenge is present for small companies to compete with larger corporate entities but this challenge does not make it impossible. Trying the same old techniques or strategies might not yield results so a more drastic approach might be required at times. The following are tips for small companies to help them compete with larger competitors through strategic digital marketing.

Build A Team Of Quality Freelance Digital Marketing Professionals

The great equalizer for large marketing budgets with full departments is the utilization of freelance digital marketing professionals. Freelancers from around the world can be used to build out a digital marketing team while saving immense amounts of money. A PPC professional in the US could cost far more than a freelancer in Bulgaria due to the cost of living without guaranteeing superior results. The tough part will be finding these freelancers and providing enough work for them to stay satisfied.

Stress Customer Experience And Personal Touch Via Marketing

Customer retention is going to be a huge goal of the marketing as well as customer service team. Stressing the experience of working with a small company when compared to a corporate juggernaut can be attraction to many customers. The larger corporations have been under fire in the media due to low or complete lack of taxation when compared to citizens and small businesses. Email marketing campaigns that are tailored to current customers can maximize revenue per customer which is important for companies of any size.

If there are any complaints it is important to address them head on as review sites and social media can be great platforms to show the company cares about customer experience. Testimonials and reviews like that of Welcome Wagon can help show sales prospects the dedication the business has to the happiness of clients. The ability to offer both digital marketing and direct mail marketing makes this company a one stop shop in terms of a marketing strategy. Lack of reviews or testimonials can lead a prospect to choose another company that shows their track of success with customers.

Try Some Untraditional Tactics To Drive Results

Trying outside of the box ideas when it comes to marketing can take a business niche by storm. Untraditional tactics might just be a deviation from industry norms while the tactic might be utilized daily in another business niche. Data can help back some of these less traditional tactics though so take a close look. Instead of putting money into another campaign that hasn’t delivered in the past, put the money towards something that has a chance of working extremely well. Using a green initiative that puts the environment over profits is a great example of a PR tactic that not only paints the company in a good light but is the right thing to do.

One Piece Of Content Can Be Worth Hundreds Of Backlinks

The great equalizer between companies and marketing is a small company that consistently create sharable and engaging content. Backlinks are a huge part of digital marketing and the right piece of content can create hundreds of relevant links pointing back to the company site. The unfortunate aspect of this is that a company cannot force a piece of content to go viral no matter how much it is promoted. Infographics were once the hot piece of content that helped garner quite a few links but this was tarnished years ago. Unfortunately, some less than ethical marketers would put hidden code in the IG for a publisher to get links secretly. This caused many publishers to look at infographics as a spammy type of content rather than a resource to attract backlinks.

Try Out Different Types Of Content And Do Not Forget Podcasting

Consumers like their content is different forms as one person might love listening to a podcast or tutorial on their commute while another might prefer reading content. The most important form of content to try out due to its affordable creation is that of the podcast. Podcasting has become immensely popular for businesses as well as professionals trying to make a name in an industry. The best podcasts not only have a following but can generate revenue via advertisers as well as sales converted from listeners. The podcast can allow for creation of in-depth content that can keep the attention of consumers when compared to a long-form 5,000-word article.

A small company is going to need to be intelligent about how they take on marketing when competing with larger companies. Take time to put thought as well as use data to create strategies that are efficient and effective.