Difference Between Auto Insurance And Auto Warranties With Liberty Automotive Protection

In many states, car owners must have car insurance and warranty. It’s important to note that car warranty covers specific vehicle problems based on the comprehensive plan. It separates from what the car insurance covers.

Car insurance and car warranty are two different protection covers for your vehicles. The two are meant to protect the car against high repair costs. Before purchasing a pre-used or brand new vehicle, it’s essential to understand what covers what.

Protection offered

What separates car insurance from the warranty is the protection plans offered. Car warranty provides cover for major and minor mechanical breakdowns.  It covers parts and labor costs involved when a vehicle breaks down.

It’s hard to predict when such incidence will happen. Vehicles are prone to tear and shear, and vehicle owners need to be ready if they need maintenance or repairs.

Car insurance covers vehicle repairs in case the vehicle is damaged during a collision. Moreover, the insurance cover entails other things such as theft, natural disaster. When a car is stolen and found with damages, the insurance company will cover for such repairs.

What Car Insurance Covers

Car insurance covers a wide range of damages resulting from a collision with another vehicle, theft, or fire. It means that the car insurance will not cover any mechanical damages as well as equipment breakdowns.

Vehicle insurance is also designed to cover more, not just vehicle damages. However, note that these insurance covers varies with the protection plan and the insurance company. The standard coverage’s for insurance include;

  • Collision coverage

If the vehicle were involved in a collision with a third party, the insurance company would cater to their damages.  It also caters to any damage on the third party property, including their vehicle. This case will happen when the vehicle owner was at fault.

  • Personal injury Protection

This cover helps cater for medical bills when the car owner or passages are injured in an accident. This cover is not available in some states; therefore, it would help if car owners requested guidance. For this case to work, the damage must be accidental.

What Car warranty Covers

There are several types of car warranties for new vehicles, and the manufacturing issues most. For a used car, people opt to purchase from the manufacture or third party Company such as Liberty Automotive Protection.

This protection plan involves paying for replacement parts or covered repairs when the manufacturer’s warranty hasn’t expired. The contract is included in the price, but car owners are given the security duration be it three years or more.

Car warranties involve bumper to bumper coverage and power train coverage. Bumper to bumper involves cars, electronics, air conditioning, and other items. However, note that this part of the warranty doesn’t cover tires, brakes, and other regular items.

Power train coverage mostly covers car engines and other transmissions. In case a machine needs to be replaced. The extended warranty comes in handy and gets the job done. Vehicle owners are in control of choosing a plan that meets their expectations and budget.

Top companies in the Auto Warranty Field

Top companies in the auto warranty field include Liberty Automotive Protection, which provides critical coverage to vehicles. Such companies offer customized plans to meet certain expectations. They are reliable, dependable, and affordable.

Liberty Automotive Protection is a prominent company dealing with comprehensive protection plans for vehicles.

It offers both power train and bumper to bumper plans at affordable prices. Liberty Automotive Protection phone number is +1 732-807-5611.

The significant difference between car insurance and car warranty is the protection they offer to car owners. Both plans help in saving money on repairs and different covers. The insurance company provides insurance while the manufacturer or third party the Company provides the warranty.

Liberty Automotive Protection is among the leading vehicle protection companies devoted to offering the best protection plans.