Creating Customiezd Holiday Cards

The holidays are here, and soon you’ll be inundated with both physical and digital Christmas cards celebrating the season. You will probably also feel obligated to send out your own Christmas or other holiday cards. If you’re a Christmas and holiday card aficionado, using holiday photo card templates can save you time and money while creating something special for all those you love.

The holiday season is the perfect time to update everyone on how your year went, and sharing photos of your family is a great way to relay your year in pictures. Creating and sending holiday photo cards is the perfect way to re-connect with friends and family, and show them that you care.

Creating Cards From Mixbook’s Holiday Card Template

Creating your own cards from scratch would take a lot of effort, but using holiday photo card templates from Mixbook will save you loads of time. With just a few clicks, you can share this year’s memories with friends and family.

Mixbook’s holiday photo card template allows you to add, move, or remove any background, or you can even upload a background of your own to personalize the card. Their templates allow you to customize your card by typing your own text, uploading photos, and adding other images to the card.

Everything can be customized, including photos, text, layouts, color, and backgrounds. With Mixbook templates, you can personalize your design so that the Christmas or holiday cards show off your style. You can also add foil options, choose from two different sizes, and orient the cards, from either a portrait or landscape perspective.

Sustainability & Ethical Use

Mixbook has five beautiful finishes for its cards: satin finish, signature matte, pearl finish, premium matte, and cotton texture. Each type has its own unique texture, and is made from high-quality, heavy-weight paper. Mixbook sources paper is made from sustainable forests, which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance.

Every card order includes envelopes, and you can even upgrade to printed envelopes to save having to write out everything out by hand. Order one special one for grandma, or order dozens for friends and family.

For Business Marketing

It’s a great way for businesses to market themselves over the holiday season, or to keep in touch with valued customers, as you can order up to 9999 cards at a time. With Mixbook’s collage option, you can create photo cards that show your employees doing their jobs, create employee group photos, or even show off your products.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy Holidays

For those who celebrate Christmas, there are both religious and non-religious card templates. For Jewish folk, there are several Hanukkah selections. And for those who prefer generic holiday cards, there are those too.

Holidays happen throughout the year, and Mixbook has holiday photo card templates for every occasion. It has templates for New Year’s cards and invitations for fancy New Year’s Eve parties. It has card templates for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Saint Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and even the Fourth of July. It’s got Father’s and Mother’s Days both covered as well.

Mixbook helps make every occasion special and even allows you to make memories concrete with photo magnets, yearbooks, labels, baby photo books, and more.