Advantages of Installing a Security Alarm for Commercial Premises


Is your business secure? With rising crime rates, it’s indispensable to have a fully operational security alarm system for your business, here’s why.

Theft or robbery in businesses that cater to the public can cause danger and stressful situations for employees and customers, so having a security alarm in a business provides many advantages. Thefts can endanger your physical integrity as well as the financial well-being of your business.

Many companies are obliged to have a security system connected to a central monitoring centre, while others do so for the safety of their business, employees, and customers.

There are certain sectors which are more prone to possible thefts, although it is true that any business activity is exposed to the possibility of robbery, or worse, during the course of regular business functions.

According to Oxford security experts, installing a security alarm for the premises of a business has many benefits:

It is a deterrent: the best thing would be not to have to use a security system, preventing the thieves from being tempted to attack the business. Therefore, warning signs indicating the premises are protected by a monitored security system can help, as most thieves will prefer to go to another unprotected site rather than tackle one that has an alarm connected to a monitoring station.

24-hour protection: a high-quality security alarm system can protect the business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even if the business is not open. This provides complete peace of mind for business owners, and greater confidence for employees, especially in business scenarios where night-shift work is normal, or a sole employee may be working within the business at certain times.

SOS panic button: if an emergency situation occurs, the SOS panic button can be used to notify the central security monitoring station to activate the action protocol and send the warning to the local law enforcement agency, ambulance service, fire department, etc. or any other help that is needed based on the circumstances.

Entry and exit control: today’s intelligent security alarm systems allow business owners, or those responsible for the security of a business, to see who enters and leaves the business at any time. This allows for the monitoring of any suspicious entries, the integrity of the installations, or the productivity of employees.

Savings on insurance: a business which has an accredited security alarm system installed will benefit from having cheaper commercial insurance premiums, since the business has a greater level of protection, and risk of robbery, theft, etc. is, to some degree, reduced.

These are just some of the many advantages of installing a security alarm system in your commercial establishment. It can help deter any potential criminal actions or expensive damage to the business property and the installations within, provide peace of mind for business owners and staff, and greater control over those who enter and exit the premises, as well as allowing the business to benefit from more competitive insurance coverage.

Are your business premise as secure and safe as they could be?