5 Top Tips to Consider in Video Marketing

In the digital age of today’s modern world, videos have become the premier marketing tool for many businesses and companies. While they may not necessarily be as easy and simple to do as merely posting links of your website or product and service pages in the popular social media platforms, the level of engagement and interest that it can achieve from viewers far exceeds that of more conventional and common practices.

Video marketing doesn’t come without its own fair share of challenges, however. While you may have access to a wider audience and impressive video creation tools like Final Cut Pro plugins, there’s no doubt that many others are trying to do the same. To this end, here are a few top tips that should give you an edge and help you better achieve desirable results.

1. Focus the video on the story and not the potential sales

The first rule that those looking to use videos to market their respective products or services is to focus the video on telling an effective story rather than being too direct and overt with sales. You’ll need to get the attention of potential customers after all, and a cohesive story can do more than mere sales talk.

2. Don’t skimp on the introduction

You’ll be surprised at how important the introduction part of a video is, and many will base their decision on whether to continue watching or not depending on how interesting it is. Because of this, it is vital for the introductory to be as entertaining and informative as the rest of the video to better motivate your viewers to watch it in its entirety.

3. Create a catchy title and an interesting thumbnail

Apart from the introduction of the video, the two factors that can help reel in viewers to watch your videos are the titles and thumbnails. By having a catchy title and an eye-catching thumbnail, you are much more likely to create a hook to pull in more viewers than you would have otherwise.

4. Take mobile devices into account

As obvious as this may be, investing some time to make your videos much more mobile friendly and easier to run on smartphones and tablets is essential, especially since the majority of users today often use mobile devices for browsing the internet and watching videos. This will help you cater to an even wider market which in turn will ultimately mean more potential customers and sales as a result.

5. Try to keep your videos short and simple

Being able to make an informative and entertaining video that lasts only a short period of time is admittedly no small feat, but effectively compressing it into something simple and easier to mentally digest can pay dividends in the amount of views that it is likely to receive since it will help hold the attention and interest of your audience better.

Video marketing may be extremely effective to generate revenue and boost sales, but at the end of the day, the results will still be determined by the quality of the video and the methods used to hook and reel in viewers. By putting in the effort and time to ensuring that everything is copacetic, you’re likely to receive the numbers you desire and even more to help you market your business better.