3 Elements of Successful Video Marketing Content

2018 is the year of video marketing and storytelling. More businesses are utilizing video marketing as a way to get their messages across to a highly targeted audience segment. Video as a medium is an effective one to use too. Even better, getting started with producing video content for storytelling and marketing purposes is easier than ever.

A great story is something that you will need for your video marketing campaign to be successful. Other than the story itself, the content – and how it is delivered – must also meet certain standards. Here are the 3 must-have elements of successful video marketing content.

A Good Video

Producing your own videos is now easy to do. Smartphone cameras are getting so much better and you can count on DSLRs or mirrorless cameras for an even better video quality. You can record and publish in 4K resolution to get the best video quality too.

Recording good video, however, isn’t just about the gear you use. It is about lighting and composition as well as how you tell your stories using visual elements. It is also about delivering the key messages in a concise and effective way.

In this respect, relying on the services of a reputable video production company is recommended. You can work with experienced videographers in creating video content that has high production value. It is easier to wow the audience – and stop them from moving on to the next video – when you have great visuals.

Superb Audio

Audio is the second element in the equation. It is just as important as having good production value – if not more so. The audience will tolerate so-so videos that come with great audio quality, but not the other way around.

There is also the fact that a lot of your viewers are actually listeners. Viewers often let a YouTube video play in the background and listen to the audio while doing something else. This shows how vital having clear dialogue, good mixing, and proper volume balance is for video marketing content.

In most cases, using a high-quality microphone and recording the video in a quiet environment are among the things you can do to boost audio quality of your videos. The type of microphone you use (i.e. lavalier microphone, shotgun microphone, etc.) matters as well.

Smooth Flow

The last part of the equation is the flow of the video. It is always tempting to include everything in the video; this, unsurprisingly, leads to your video marketing content being 20 minutes long. Not all viewers are willing to consume long video content, so this isn’t always the best way to go.

Instead of putting everything in, be more selective during the editing process and focus more on maintaining a smooth flow from one message to the next. Once again, a smooth flow is what will keep the audience hooked.

A well-crafted video can be immensely effective. By paying attention to these three elements, you will find crafting a suitable video for your business and the audience segment you’re targeting much easier to do. With high quality video content, using video marketing as a digital marketing instrument gets easier too.