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Conducting a Business Meeting

Business meetings play a vital role in how an organisation communicates with employees and potential clients. At times there can be a lot at stake with a business meeting so it is recommended that effort and time should be placed to ensuring needs are met and good impressions are made. How can this be done? To ensure first impressions are of the positive kind, selecting the right venue is essential. Here we look at the most popular venue for the 21st century business meetings to be held.

A Restaurant

Many organisations still like to wine and dine their clients and staff in a top restaurant. This can be an excellent venue as automatically people feel at ease within the restaurant environment. Here you can share ideas, discuss potential ventures and look at achievements. With restaurant meetings though carefully considered the logistics of the venue itself, here it may prove somewhat difficult to conduct a powerpoint presentation whilst potential clients are halfway through their soup. Speak to the restaurant in advance and see if a room can be reserved away from the general public. By doing this you will be able to get stuck into the nitty gritty aspects of what you’re trying to achieve.

In a Hotel

Hotels have proven to be an excellent location to conduct a business meeting or presentation. They already have provisions in place that cater for all individual needs and usually have onsite parking facilities (which can be especially helpful for those travelling from afar).Meeting Rooms Brighton cater for organisations looking to hold meetings within a hotel providing extra resources such as projector screens and additional power outlets. As a hotel can deal with the added logistics of meeting so can they provide discounted rates for those wishing to stay after the meeting has finished, for those who are have travelled a long distance this can prove a great help and also shows potential clients that you have considered all of their needs.


With Business becoming a much more global affair for businesses of all magnitude, physically meeting is proving more difficult. With video technology been readily available and easy to use many organisations are conducting meetings online. From here you can give presentations, set goals, targets etc with people in different countries and time zones. Not only does it mean actions can be acted upon straight away but online meetings can dramatically cut costs for both parties. Travel expenses, food, parking no longer come in to consideration and can leave you with more time to prepare your actual meeting.

Remember the Purpose of your Meeting

The venue you choose can say a lot about you and your organisation and could potentially determine what potential clients think about you. Baring this mind though much though has to be placed with the actual meeting itself. If you are not prepared and don’t have clear aims and goals set in place, your meeting will not be a success wherever you choose to hold it. So ensure these meeting principles are in place before you choose the venue.

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