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When your business spans a large geographical area and one or more countries, you will find yourself using courier services quite often. But with so many courier service companies doing their best to entice you with attractive-sounding offers, it is easy to end up using the wrong one. The obvious results of this misstep are higher costs, delayed delivery, damaged parcels or even loss of the entire package.

Here are the top 5 mistakes businesses make when choosing a courier service that you should avoid:

  1. Not choosing the right type of courier service: There are several different types of courier services. Depending on the time they take to deliver the packages; there are same-day deliveries, next-day deliveries and international services. While the first two cover a limited geographical area, the last covers almost every country in the world. In a hurry to get things done or for any other reasons, businesses often fail to take this into account and use the wrong service. The result is often delayed delivery.

  3. Not checking the location of the courier service: Although courier services claim to deliver anywhere in the world, they often lack adequate facilities, such as an office in the particular area or a partner company, outside of major urban centers. Businesses often overlook this fact and automatically assume that the courier company has the ability to deliver everywhere. This often results in delayed delivery or mishandling of the package.

  5. Not comparing the rates for parcel delivery: The competition among courier service companies is stiff and there are often significant rate differences among them. Therefore, it makes good sense to compare parcel delivery rates. However, businesses often fail to compare prices and use the one that is either the nearest to their office or through a personal contact. This in itself is not a bad practice as it is important to maintain long-term business relations, but not comparing prices often results in higher costs.

  7. Using the cheapest courier service they can find: It is natural for every business to save money on things like parcel delivery; but services are not always the best when you choose the cheapest route. There is rarely any such thing as 'the cheapest and the best', it's just a catchphrase that businesses often employ to attract customers. While the possibility of the cheapest courier company providing a highly satisfactory delivery service cannot be ruled out; the reality is often the contrary.

  9.  Not checking the liabilities of the courier service company: Once you hand over your parcel to a courier, it is practically at their mercy. Of course, they will do their best to deliver it in the best of conditions in a timely manner; but anything can happen along the way. Your parcel might get lost, stolen or damaged. If the courier service has too many liabilities, it may not have the ability to compensate you for the lost packages. Many companies do not even take this factor into consideration and can end up losing their parcel and getting nothing in compensation when the worst happens.

Research these 5 helpful tips before making a decision as to which courier service provider you choose. It’s easy to choose the wrong company without a game plan, be sure to follow these 5 steps!

Author Byline: Steve Appleton is an entrepreneur and financial consultant. Steve recommends you look to www.purolator.com for your small business’ shipping needs.

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