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In your average workplace there will be a huge range of electrical appliances that get used by workers throughout the day, and this includes the computers that they work on all the way through to the kettle in the kitchen, and everything in between. Coming into contact with electricity kills people and injures hundreds more each year, and as a business owner this is something that you need to be wary of, and take measures to ensure that all of your appliances are regularly checked to see if they are safe to use by you and your employees. This is done through something called portable appliance testing (PAT), where the appliances are checked over thoroughly and then certified to be safe to use by the tester. This will be demonstrated through a sticker placed on it which will state its safety and when the test was carried out, and then there will also be a certificate to go along side it which you should keep on file.

In order to carry out these tests you will need somebody who is PAT certified, and most people will do this by calling out a qualified electrician. Doing this time after time though can be expensive, but you should know that there is a fantastic alternative to this method which is a lot more cost effective and straightforward. You can easily get one of your staff members PAT certified, and then have them carry out the tests frequently, and lots of people with no previous electrical training have gone on to do this.

PAT Training Courses Available

You can get one of your employees to go on a short PAT training course which will teach them everything they need to know and certify them over a few days, and when they return they will be able to carry out tests on all of your electrical appliances. You can easily find these courses at places like PASS electrical training courses, and more and more people are now signing up for this course so that they can do the tests as part of their current role. Having a PAT certified member of your team will prove to be incredibly handy and a wise investment, and it also shows that you are taking measures to ensure the safety of all your employees through regular testing.

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