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Much as we would like to work in the much-heralded ‘paperless office’, the reality is that most desks are still strewn with a mountain of paper, be it reports, analyses, or other essential communications such as memos and emails. Most of this paper is produced by dedicated printers, photocopiers, or multifunctional equipment which are invaluable pieces of office equipment; in fact, they are indispensable. So, when your copier, printer or scanner breaks down, what should you do? Buy a new one immediately or take the opportunity to examine the benefits of leasing such equipment?

The great debate: lease printers or photocopiers or multifunctional office equipment via a leasing package, or buy new printing, copying and scanning equipment? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t straightforward; it depends on the level of use required of these tools and the specific needs of each company.

Would you prefer greater flexibility?

For many companies, ​​renting or leasing printers, photocopiers and multifunctional office equipment is becoming a very good option, because in an increasingly complex and competitive market many companies look for a flexible model of payment based on usage, and added professional service, instead of purchasing equipment that requires a high initial investment.

Experts in photocopier leasing in Newbury outline the main advantages of renting or leasing printers, photocopiers and multifunctional equipment as opposed to considering purchase of new equipment.

Among them, it is worth noting the initial disbursement for the purchase of new equipment, as well as enjoying tax deductions for leasing, due to the fact that ownership of the equipment belongs to the lessor. On the other hand, with the rental or leasing of a printer, a photocopier or a multifunctional device, the company can count on high performance and high productivity, while the lessor allows the lessee to renew or upgrade the equipment more often to have the latest printing, copying and scanning technology at hand. In contrast, when purchasing, greater economic depreciation can be experienced, and equipment can become technically obsolete surprisingly quickly.

Optimization of resources

Of course, in a renting or leasing package, technical service and maintenance are included, and repairs and guarantees are usually borne by the leasing company. This allows valuable human resources to be freed up which can be allocated to other more pressing business matters rather than management of copying, printing and scanning equipment.

So, if your company is at the point where it needs replacement or additional copying, printing and scanning capacity, you should consult with office equipment leasing specialists in your area to determine exactly the solutions available to meet your specific business needs. Not only will you be able to access the latest technology at a lower monthly cost, but you will also be able to enjoy hassle-free copying, printing, and scanning, as the leasing company will effectively take charge of maintenance and supply of consumables, leaving you and your staff to focus on more important business development tasks.

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