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Good Health Assures Good Performance

Oct - 24 - 2013

The health of a company is dependent upon a number of things; one is the actual health of its staff whose good performance can make that little bit of difference. If a company has human resources issues it may need help. If a member of staff needs assistance then there is help at hand.


Health assured understands stress

Employee Assistance Programmes

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) are designed to help when help is needed. There are some issues where poor health is directly related to work issues; if they result in long term absence, there will come a time when the employer is under pressure but the employee faces pressure of a different kind; future employment.

It is usually a sensitive issue requiring sympathy; such specialisation requires experience and if you are in need of help and look online you should see evidence that the company you are considering has that necessary experience. Every case is different and experience in dealing with people suffering from stress, and hence absent from work, is certainly helpful when a new client approaches. Some cases actually end in litigation but resolving a problem before that stage is reached is always preferable.


An understanding employer is important. Employers are naturally looking for good performance from their staff. That is unlikely to happen if a worker has health problems. The problem may not be personal but affecting a partner or member of the family. Counselling services are available to see what can be done. Support is vital rather than a disagreement arising that could have a negative effect on the company’s performance. Both sides benefit if the situation is addressed in a positive way. They say prevention is better than cure; likewise positive action is better than reacting to a situation that has already been ongoing for a while.


The key to this business is a commitment to service and that requires the provider having a person detailed to handle the problem for as long as it lasts.

Employers obviously want a workforce that has no health issues; long term absenteeism is a problem. If you have never suffered from stress, you may find it difficult to understand, but understanding is exactly what you need. In addition, you need experienced support that can minimise the impact of health issues relating to your staff. That support will include the provision of unlimited access to medical and nursing help.

This whole subject might be new to you. You may never have had any major problems before and so the situation has not needed your consideration. However, every company is subject to extensive employment law and the responsibilities of company and employee are defined.  Perhaps you have a human resources department; in that case it is worth asking your head of department to look at services that can be obtained just in case you have a future need.

At health assured they provide help for anyone with any staff related issues. Your company’s performance directly relates to the effectiveness of your staff. A missing component can cause you a problem. Both you and your member of staff can benefit from getting in touch.

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