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Buying an auction home is considered a smart way to do by newly married couples. A property at auction can be offered with up to 60% discount and there are options for all pockets. In addition, the buyer has the support and advice of the companies accredited in the market that carry out these auctions, which can be face-to-face or online. This mode of purchase is very safe, transparent and simple. You do not have to have any kind of experience in the segment to participate. Some home auction experts also point out that the clients need to search calmly and stay alert to the news to find the property that best suits their needs and financial possibilities. To participate in an auction, the interested party must first collect all information about the property.

To participate in an auction, first, the interested party must collect all the information about the property, which is generally available in the bidding notice. Some tips are valuable to lease a property at an auction. Look at the following tips below:

- Pull the license plate of the property that you are interested;

- Find out how the evacuation process will be;

- Raise the debts and see if there is any lawsuit in progress.

- Make sure all legal issues have been resolved as in most cases; the auction winner becomes the most disadvantaged party.

After collecting all the information, it is necessary to fill out the registration on the website of the company that is auctioning the property to qualify and be able to participate in home auctions online. This is a requirement of companies to ensure business security. When the auction is officially "open", the interested party uses their registration number, enters the auction and can bid. It is mandatory to disclose the event, register in registry the rules of the bid and the conditions of sale and participation, as well as showing the provenance of the property, which is verified by a public auctioneer.

How to participate in an auction:

At the end of the procedure, the winner of the auction is informed about the documents that he must deliver and the form of payment, which varies according to the financial institution that carried out the auction. Normally, the bank asks the proof of residence, proof of income, marriage certificate and documents of the spouse, in case the person is married.

Sight or installment?

Usually, in judicial auctions the form of payment usually is in sight and without discount. In the extrajudicial, it is possible to pay a 10% discount if the amount is paid in cash. Some financial institutions allow for financing. All this information is available in the announcement, which is released before the auction. In this document are all the rules, forms of payment, documents that the person will need to present and how the property will be delivered.

Do our advice and you can minimize the risk of being scammed in your gambling adventure.

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