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In case of the IT or Information Technology sector, most of the jobs have a clear job description and a specific career path. However, the business analyst career path is unlike other IT jobs in the sense that it does not have a definitive career path, it zigzags back and forth between business and IT. In todays times, the world of business analytics is multi-faceted. Thus, business analysts are required to juggle several roles simultaneously: ambassador, moderator, connector and mediator for IT and business resources.

A successful business analyst is one who is a good communicator, a smooth facilitator, a precise analyzer and strong team player. Such a professional also possesses the versatility of several business functions like engineering, finance, operations, architecture and last but not least, technology. When it comes to business careers with positive job outlooks, the business analyst career definitely stands out from the crowd, which is why a lot of people flock towards this career path. These individuals usually share a desire for the business field and the passion for technology.

If you want to increase your chances of being a successful business analyst then you should have an extensive IT knowledge or a strong business background to begin with. The entry-level jobs in this industry are developer, quality assurance officer and industry/domain expert. With time, you can slowly delve into areas that interest you the most. Once you develop an expertise in these areas you will be able to progress further and climb the career ladder so that you can occupy higher management positions such as IT business analyst, product manager or senior business analyst.

In the States, the expected BA salary is somewhere around USD 80,000 per year. Thus, in a time when most of the career paths offer mediocre salaries, the career path of business analyst is definitely tempting. This career path is right for you if you like drinking from the fire hose, i.e. absorbing a lot of new information and knowledge in a very short period of time. The role of a business analyst is definitely challenging and it can provide you with the right platform to build on your technical expertise.

So, who should apply for this job role? Well, if you are a bit of a know-it-all and you want to build on your business experience or technical knowledge then this job role is definitely suitable for you. This job role is also enticing for those who are naturally curious and enjoy figuring how things work. In addition to building useful timeless skills, you also get to enjoy job security when you opt for this career path, which is why this is the ideal career path for the long run.

This is not a boring job role because there is no space for the 'lone wolf act, the business analyst career is all about working with a team of like-minded individuals on technical problems. Whats more, you do not just work with your peers but also get to interact with people from all levels of the organization. Thus, this definitely makes the job more enjoyable and the end results more productive.

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