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There are many ways to boost sales and get in front of more people. But, for many businesses, the same old sales pitch is wearing thin. Here’s a new approach that involves using promotional giveaways.

Choose Cool Promotional Items

A promotional item will make or break the whole thing. If you choose a bad giveaway item, it won’t result in any signups. More than that, you might build negative press around your company. Consider your audience when choosing your giveaway items.
For example, custom playing cards might appeal to some types of gamers, but they could also appeal to artistic types if you customize the cards to include high resolution photographs.
If you’re offering something to a younger crowd, you might consider a gift card to a trendy clothing store.

If your audience is upper middle class, and technologically savvy, you might consider a gift from the Apple store.

It all depends on the audience as well as your business.

Sometimes, the best promotional item is a free sample of your product or service. A landscaper might offer a free sample of weed control treatment, for example.

Determine Eligibility

Who is eligible for your contest? Will you give your gifts away to existing customers or to new customers?

Decide on that before you get too far in your campaign. Also decide on an end-game. What will your audience do if they don’t win (and most of them won’t)? Will you have them on your mailing list so you can sell to them? Will you set them free and hope they come back to visit your website some other time?

If you’re holding a promotional event for young teens, you will necessarily want to exclude older adults. Rather than viewing this as a limitation, use this to your advantage. Incorporate contest promotional ideas that would appeal to a younger crowd, games that young people might enjoy, and prizes that fit the age group.

Promote The Giveaway

When it’s time to promote your giveaway, use your existing email list to kick-start the campaign. Then, ask people to share your contest or promotional page. Set up an ad campaign to fill in the gaps that aren’t covered by your initial email blast.

Advertise on your website if it’s already getting a lot of traffic, and spread the word offline through radio and T.V. spots.

Define Guidelines and Rules

Clearly state the limits, rules, and guidelines concerning your promotion. For example, spell out any quantity limits and any requirements for people interested in receiving the giveaway. If it requires an under aged person’s parent’s permission, make that clear. If a purchase is necessary to enter, make it clear. If no purchase is necessary, make that clear too.

Track Results

Track the results of your campaign. Don’t let it get away from you. Include a redemption code as part of your giveaway campaign and use it to track the success (or lack of). If the giveaway helped you reach your financial and business goals, then you can set up another campaign and test it against your original campaign, tweaking successive campaigns to achieve better results over time.

Lizzy Robinson has worked as a senior executive within a sales environment for many years. She enjoys being able to share her thoughts online and has already written for a number of relevant websites.

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