Amit Raizada Partners With Vision Venture Partners

A senior partner at Vision Venture Partners, Amit Raizada, provides strategic development and direction for a portfolio of investments, as well as advising growth opportunities, transaction structuring, and risk mitigation for organizations, large and small.

Vision Venture Partners

Vision Venture Partners formed by conglomerates Rick Fox, Amit Raizada, and Stratton Sclavos. The private equity firm has been spotlighted as the go-to for capital and experts in executive management, talent acquisition, and strategic business relationships. Vision Venture Partners has spotlighted entrepreneurs and small businesses that are building a new generation of services. Consumers are much more educated and connected than ever before, and Vision Venture Partners understands this, seeking to build bridges with the “Generation Always” consumer — these are consumers who are always connected via mobile or computer, are thorough multitaskers, educated, and keen about their purchase options in the sales funnel.

Raizada with his past and current credentials that has made him a credible authority in the entrepreneurial sphere. Before working for Vision Venture Partners, Amit Raizada served as a successful investor and entrepreneur, finding Spectrum Business Ventures in 2002, serving as the company’s chief executive officer. During his tenure, he helped build a portfolio of more than 60 companies spanning finance, technology, retail, and hospitality. These are industries that have only exploded in the past two decades, with Raizada helping to lead major brands and corporations to financial success. By 2006, Raizada helped launch a real estate division of a large corporation, which focused on acquisition and restoration, coupled with management of multi family homes. The corporation grew to own more than 6000 units across the United States, with Raizada being the mastermind behind the acquisition and sale of hundreds of assets. The experience and credentials make him the ideal person to be a partner at Vision Venture Partners.

About Amit Raizada Beverly Hills

Raizada has also led the charge for innovation and reform in major companies like Select Quote, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. He has also been the mastermind behind groundbreaking enterprises like HDFilms, backdropped by an impressive portfolio of managing multifamily real estate projects and several standalone investments in hospitality and food management. Currently, Raizada serves on the board of several corporations and enterprises.

All of the success comes from very humble beginnings. Raizada attended Michigan State University, where he spent his tenure studying the ins and outs of economics.

Vision Venture Partners has the privilege of working with Raizada and other think tanks in their prospective industry, including Sclavos and Fox. Vision Venture Partners’ vision includes leveraging knowledge and resources to help investors and companies — small and large — to reach maximum level results. With the expertise of Raizada, Vision Venture Partners is in capable hands.