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POSSystemA point-of-sale system can help a business operate in a much more efficient manner. Many types of companies can benefit from POS systems including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, online businesses, mail/telephone order companies, professional service providers, and many more.

Collective POS offers wide-variety of POS systems to fit the diverse needs of the businesses you serve. A system that works well for one business many not be a good match for another. A POS system is a big investment for any company, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for prior to making a purchase decision. Choose a system that can best support your business model.

5 Things to Look for in a Point-of-Sale System

If you’re getting ready purchase a new POS system, take the following five factors into consideration before making your final decision:

1.       Inventory Tracking: This is a very advantageous feature to look for in POS systems, as helps to save time and keep your business running efficiently. Inventory tracking allows you to monitor the levels of inventory you have in stock and will even alert you when products are low and need to be re-ordered. A good system makes adding new products easy and helps you anticipate your product needs for any time period requested.

 2.       Customer Database Management: When you’re able to easily track valuable customer information like name, contact information, items purchased, and the time of day they typically shop at your store, you can use this for targeted marketing purposes. This POS system element is very popular with many businesses, as it allows them to provide better customer service and offer promotions and specials tailored to the specific interests of individual shoppers.

 3.       Customer Support: It’s important to choose a POS system that comes with a thorough training package. After investing in a point-of-sale system, you want to be sure that both you and your employees have a strong understanding of how to reap all the benefits it offers. Providing ongoing 24/7 customer support is also an essential feature, as you need to know you can get help fast if something goes wrong.  Using a POS system should make life easier, not more stressful.

 4.       Transaction-Based Features: Different businesses have a variety of diverse needs, which is why POS systems offer a wide-variety of features. Before purchasing a system, make sure it offers software that can help streamline tasks relevant to your business. Some of the most prevalent features business owners look for in a point-of-sale system are the ability to automatically apply discounts, parking validation, creating and maintaining gift registries, layaway options, employee time clocks, and more.

 5.       Room to Grow: When you’re just starting out with your first point-of-sale system, purchasing the basic model might be the only option in the budget. However, as time goes by, your needs and budget may increase, so it’s good to have the ability to expand your options. Look for a POS system that can expand its offerings as your business grows, so you don’t have to invest in a new system just because your needs have changed.

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