Why is it important to still print brochures

Modern marketing efforts tend to focus on digital marketing. Yet print marketing in all forms remains strong. And there are many reasons why it will continue for the foreseeable future. Let’s look at a few reasons why it is important to still print brochures. We’ll also discuss the benefits of print marketing materials like brochures relative to digital marketing.

Cost Effective

Whether you print out 200 flyers and give them all over town or print out as many brochures and hand them out to people at your event, printed marketing material remains cost effective. Compare this to the cost of setting up a website, creating content and buying ads and hoping that it converts casual viewers into customers. You don’t have to pay ongoing costs for print marketing like those you have to pay to keep online ads going. You can take advantage of economies of scale, printing the same brochure for half a dozen offices but having a different address printed on the final page.

Low Tech

Printed materials are low tech, but that’s a point in their favor. They are accessible to everyone young and old. A side benefit of print marketing is that business cards included in price quotes and flyers mailed to prospects is that they won’t be stopped by adblocker software or spam filters. It will get through, though that doesn’t mean customers will hold onto it. On the other hand, printed materials are one of the few things that a client may hold onto for several weeks before they decide to contact you or discard it.

Hyper-Local Marketing

Printed marketing material is unusual in that it can be hyper-local. For example, a website may have local search engine optimization that references a city or neighborhood. However, only mailed or physically distributed printed material will target specific roads or post codes in walking distance to a small business.

Highly Targeted Marketing

Printed marketing materials can be highly targeted. For example, you can mail flyers, coupons and ads to everyone in a given area. Or you can segment your mailing list and send coupons or flyers to people who are near your new store. You could also hand brochures and flyers to people that you’ve spoken with face to face. Then you’re only using printed marketing materials when the person is interested.


The low cost of printed materials means it is very flexible. You can have flyers and business cards printed out just before you’re set to distribute them. The average business owner can make changes from their logo to their contact information and then make new copies.

Flyers, business cards and brochures can also be used in a variety of ways to market your business. You can mail them to prospects or include them in business correspondence. You can also set them on your customer service counter where interested parties can pick them up.