Unique And Special Gift Ideas For Your Mum 

Mothers look after you like no other, they are a gift to us all. They sacrifice a lot to ensure that their families are happy and cared for, therefore it is our duty as their children to show them that we appreciate them and all that they do for us. Unsurprisingly, many mothers are satisfied with a simple phone call or thoughtful card from their loved ones, but why not go further in showing your mum what she means to you.

Why should mothers only be appreciated on Mother’s Day and their birthdays and Christmas? Think outside the box, and go further this year by surprising your mum with a thoughtful gift, chosen by you as a surprise for her. Read on for ideas on thoughtful and inexpensive things you can give to your mother at any time of the year.

Unique, decorative curtains

It is any mother’s dream to have a beautiful home that can be shared with their closest friends and family. Oftentimes though, the look of a home can be one of the last priorities for a busy mum. With their long list of household jobs, among caring for their loved ones, they can often put themselves at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to self-care and new home buys. However, it can often be a mother’s pride to showcase her new furniture and gallery wall that takes her down memory lane. Why not take it upon yourself to make her next parties extra special, or just help her to spruce up her living room with a matching set of multicoloured curtains. We think that this set of Twirl Lemon Zest Curtains would certainly give a new lease of life to any bedroom or living room, and would impress even the fussiest of guests. If she is not a big fan of color and prefers more subtle, neutral tones, try to observe the ones she looks at, and give her something more simple and classic if that’s her preference.


Luxe bed sheets

Mothers go through a lot to make sure we’re always comfortable. So much so that they barely have time to think. Often, the only time she will get to herself is in the evening when she gets into bed. In appreciation for all of her hard work, why not make the few hours that she goes to bed more luxurious. Through gifting her with luxe bed sheets, you are adding that extra something special to her bedtime routine, allowing her to have a better night’s sleep. Plus, everytime she wakes up feeling refreshed, you will be the one to thank, and who wouldn’t want that.

A thoughtful potted plant


One of the most popular gifts for any mother is a fresh bouquet of flowers, it is a simple yet effective gift for many, and with so many online delivery options available it’s now easier than ever to give flowers as a gift. However, when the inevitable happens and the flowers grow old and die, there will be nothing but a memory of the thoughtful gift to your mother.

To avoid the disappointment, why not opt for a small potted plant, for all year decoration for your mother’s home. Small potted plants require very little maintenance, in fact, you often only have to water a potted plant once a week or so. Potted plants can also enhance the interior of any home, adding additional features to any room, offering the perfect surprise gift for your mother!

Vacuum-insulated mug

Have you ever known your mother to be too busy to make lunch or rushing out the door after having just a sip of her coffee in the morning? You may even know her to attempt to carry her hot cup of coffee on her car journeys since she has no time to sit down and enjoy it in the morning. Why not take the hassle out of her mornings and surprise her with a brand new vacuum-insulated mug so she can enjoy her coffee or hot chocolate on the go without the fear of any burning hot spills. We believe every mother would appreciate a well-designed vacuum insulated mug for those busy times on the go. It also means your mother can think of you every morning when she takes her delightfully warm coffee to her office, the gym or a friend’s house, it’s the perfect gift for any mother!

Skin-care gift set from her favourite brand

Why not give your mother the gift of glowing, youthful skin. A beautifully packaged, luxurious gift set will be sure to impress any mother. You could even suggest a self-pamper evening with your mother which will give her a chance to try out her new gift set while spending time with her nearest and dearest.

Make your mother smile by gifting her a gift-set from her favourite skincare brand as a thoughtful gesture for everything she does. Our tip, make sure you find out her skin type before gifting her this item. The wrong products may not suit her skin type meaning she won’t get the most out of your gift. If you are unsure, be sure to speak to a skincare advisor at your favourite department store who can give you expert skincare advice for you and your mother.

A thoughtful charm bracelet

Have you always been apprehensive about gifting clothing in case you get the wrong size? There is one item that always fits, Jewelry. And what’s more, it is a gift that will last a lifetime and will be by your mother’s side at all times. What better way to say you care than to gift your mother a unique and special charm bracelet to show her what she means to you. Take a look at your mother’s current jewellery pieces to ensure you get the metal and the style right, and then choose something that’s personal to you and your mother. It’s the perfect gift to make your mother smile, and will be the perfect accessory to any outfit.