The Importance of Message Boards for Stocks

The stock market is quite unpredictable even to experienced traders. It responds to virtually everything happening around the market. Therefore, online message boards are an important source of information to both the traders and investors.  Postings on this board are likely to affect the market either negatively or positively. This article looks at the importance of Message Boards for Stocks on the financial market.

1. It predicts trading-related activities.

Stocks from small firms respond to online postings almost immediately. It explains why postings on online message boards drive the price of stock prices up or down.  Note that online traders use the messages to predict the market’s next day’s activities. It affects intraday volatility and can be used to predict the day’s trading activities.

2. It is used to disseminate information.

Web 2.0 technologies allow message boards to disseminate information to stock market players. It provides free resources that analysts and investors need to make decisions. Also, stock market players use the boards to share information about various companies quoted on the stock market.  It is uncontrolled and unstructured but provides precious information about companies. Such information is evaluated and analysed before it is put to use. Information from analysis can be used to influence behaviour on the stock market.  Note that analysists use the information collected to construct indicators for the stock market.  Other parameters such as weighted reliability indicators for market sentiments may also be constructed from such data.

3. It influences variables in financial markets

Information posted on the message boards influences key variables like the trading volume and investor sentiments. It means that understanding these messages is critical to succeeding in the financial markets. Data from the boards can help researchers examine essential variables like the trading volume. It forms a basis for making trading decisions.

4. Can be used to predict volatility

The message boards provide insight and content that help to predict stock market volatility. The information shared by different posters over the internet has been found to influence trading. This is normally in cases where fundamental information is absent. When posters gang up, they are likely to change investor’s decisions. In the past, statements from popular posters have been used to make investment decisions.  Also, by sharing information on the firms’ features, it influences trading decisions.

5. Influence users ‘decisions

Online message boards play a critical role in influencing the user’s decisions. It explains why board members make very few trading decisions compared to non-users. These boards are thus, the main sources of social annotations which are often exploited by all parties in the stock market. This is the reason why it is critical to ensure that the social annotation or comment made are accurate.

From this discussion, it is clear that message boards play an important role in the stock markets. Information from blogs, forums, and online newspapers influence the financial market decision. Thus, the moderators must strive to ensure that the shared information is as accurate as possible. Note that financial variables such as volatility, trading volume, and returns depend on the boards.