Luke Lazarus On Top Digital Trends For Brands

Brand and startup consultant Luke Lazarus knows brand have to stay on top of emerging marketing trends to compete in today’s market. Lazarus differentiates himself from other brand consultants by his methodology. He creates an emotional message for brands and then ensures each marketing communication reiterates the message.

Messages for Brands

Luke Lazarus’ advice to startups and brands which want a new image is to create a simple brand story which consumers can understand. The message has to be flexible so the brand can add new product lines without having to change their message. Lazarus says the same is true for investors; they are looking for a startup brand with a relatable story.

Messages in Content

Lazarus suggests brands use interactive content, one of the emerging trends in marketing, to get their message across. Technologies such as 360° video are ideal for brands who want to give consumers immersive experiences. Brands in nearly all industries can incorporate 3D images on their website, blog and social media platforms.

Social media is ideal for storytelling according to Luke Lazarus. Facebook and Instagram ads are on the rise and he suggests targeting audiences which offer a high lifetime value. Brands can be more social this way, as opposed to going for the hard sell once and moving on. Keeping followers engaged allows brands to build a loyal fan base of customers who will make repeat purchases and recommend the brand to friends.

Luke Lazarus says video content, especially on Instagram, is an emerging trend brands should use to tell their story. With over one billion active users, Instagram is a good place for brands to post long-form vertical videos on the company’s IGTV channel. It’s like YouTube and early adopters can get on board with major brands, such as Mercedes and Netflix, who were quick to use the service.

Other Emerging Technologies

According to Lazarus, there are a number of new technologies which help businesses increase their revenue. While they are not directly related to marketing, the technologies help establish brands as innovators that want to make consumer’s lives easier.

Mobile pay, as long as it is safe and secure, is one one technology which makes consumer’s lives easier. Consumers can pay straight from their smartphone so they can stop worrying about pulling out their card and entering the numbers into their mobile device.

Live chat is another service consumers prefer for support. People would rather use live chat because it often offers 24 hour service with no wait time. It’s a friendly communication tool which more businesses are adopting every day.

It’s also important for brands to realize how they can use voice search queries to market to consumers. There’s Google Home and Amazon Echo which uses voice search for people at home and smartphones which enable voice searches for consumers on the go. People talk more naturally and use longer search terms when they don’t have to type their search query. Brands that understand voice search optimization will have a head start over competitors who wait to see how many consumers will utilize this new technology.