Shopping for yourself after toiling away at work for a week can be extremely therapeutic. But when you’re shopping to buy a gift for someone else, the mind shuts down its think-tanks. You can be friends with someone for years but when you have to buy a birthday gift for them, it seems like you don’t know them at all. Be it on a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, buying gifts like cheap prescription glasses online for someone can be a tricky game. There’s always the possibility that the person may either not like it or may already own it. Customizing and personalizing gifts isn’t everyone’s forte as no two personalities are similar. So, here’s a list of gifts specific to a few occasions which will be hard for the receiver to dislike.


There’s no better token of love than gifting jewelry to your partner. Giving a simple platinum/gold band or a diamond ring to your wife or girlfriend will reinstate your love for her and vice-versa. You can go a step further and get it engraved with something meaningful that defines the relationship and bond of love you share with them. Buying a ring can be expensive, hence it’s better to plan ahead of time and start saving for the ring in advance.


You can not possibly falter with sending someone on an adventurous trip. A green meadow in the mountain valley or the sound of waves crashing at your feet and then drifting back to the ocean, or a super hot ride on a camel traipsing through a desert. Select the terrain as per the weather, book a one-night stay for your friend and send them away. They may crib at first but a short weekend getaway does no harm to anyone. A night away from the chaos of the city and the bludgeoning pressure of jobs is good for the soul and rejuvenating for the body.


Books can be gifted to a kid, your father, your neighbor or cousin. Everyone reads books. By reading you expand your knowledge of things and hone your intellect and personality. Gifting someone a book is gifting them a chance to acquire knowledge. A flower bouquet will dry out, a wine bottle will be consumed within hours or probably over the years, a board-game will be outgrown, but books and its learning will stay engraved forever in your psyche, consciously or subconsciously. But that doesn’t mean you can gift a Noam Chomsky or Nietzsche to someone who doesn’t read much. Buy the book according to the receiver’s personality, age and liking.


This option should be used as the last resort and specifically by those who are really bad at giving gifts. Choose from the plethora of virtual or real shopping sites, buy a gift card as per your budget and voila! problem solved.