How to launch a successful international advertising campaign

Taking a business to the international market requires you to redesign some marketing strategies. In international advertising, you will be targeting a new audience and competing against many established multinational brands. To do this successfully, you need to have a thorough plan in place. A plan that will not only make your company or business attractive but also help it find impressive returns on investment.

Advertising helps attract customers and consumers. It can help consumers identify with a product more than the product itself. But for the international market, this is no easy feat. A successful campaign takes time to organize and launch. One mistake can earn your brand irreversible damages.

So how do you explore new territories through international advertising? This article covers important insights that will help you execute an effective international advertising campaign to reach your key audiences effectively.

6 Steps to launching a successful international advertising campaign

Identify the goals and objectives

The first step is to know what the main objective of the advertising campaign is. Just like in local advertising, international advertising needs to have a purpose. Do you intend to reposition your brand in the international market, generate more revenue or are you launching a new product from a different line of production?

The marketing team should come up with SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based) goals and then work towards achieving them from international advertising. The set goals and objectives should be audited periodically for accountability purposes.

Define your international advertising budget

Avoid the habit of readjusting your international advertising activities by setting aside a budget for the same. Factor in all the expected costs of navigating the international market then work within the budget. You can always source for advertising methods that are low cost but equally effective.

Based on their experience and expertise, an adverting agency can help you draft and come up with a sustainable budget that will help you launch a successful advertising campaign for your business.

Do your research

Identify who your target audience is and then design a campaign strategy that will be the most effective. This calls for creativity and thinking outside the most obvious strategies that are employed by your competitors.

That said, you need to know what your competitors are doing and focus on bridging all the existing gaps. Understand the needs of your clients; in many cases, these vary depending on demographics, personalities and cultural values.

Redesign your website

You need to launch a new website or do a complete overhaul to incorporate features that will attract an international audience. Take, for instance, before launching a global campaign, E-commerce platforms need to update their pricing to internationally recognized currencies, change payment options to allow universal payment methods like VISA and so on.

An updated site shows that a company is indeed ready for the international market; this makes it easier to cultivate consumer trust and confidence.

Decide on the frequency and the advertising time

For how long do you want your advertisements to run and how often? Again, an advertising agency is best-placed to advise on this depending on your line of production. They have skills that can be useful in determining the appropriate advertising timeframe that will help reach the target audience.

Select an independent advertising agency to guide you through

Finally, consider getting a professional marketing agency like MediaGroup to walk you through international advertising. The benefit of walking with professionals is that you get expert advice on your global branding and get insights on proven strategies that are result-driven.

An agency saves you the trouble of spending time and other resources by helping you focus on disciplines that work. They have professionals who have hands-on experience and who specialize in specific fields like email marketing, brand promotion, web design and so on.


Like any other worthy investment, the fruits of international advertising needs to be measured to evaluate effectiveness. You can conduct surveys on your consumers and get their response in regards to brand awareness and favorability.