How Will Grow Internationally With Its New Technology

We may expect excellent results from the innovative updates that will occur with the JD store. As Richard states, the vision of the company is becoming the most trusted store in the world.

A Company Fulfilling Its Mission

As Jingdong makes progress towards this objective, Richard Liu is making the world better for consumers, fighting dishonest selling practices such as counterfeiting. The intention is beneficial for the long term growth of JD and valuable for people to solve their problems with technology.

What makes companies like JD trustworthy are their years of history doing what is right. One day, people in America will enjoy the supply ability of JD, being as effective as it is in Beijing. Liu Quingdong is already working on creating such international connections, as it shows the partnership established with Walmart.

Will JingDong Move Also To Europe?

Another crucial market bases on the Western Europe area, being the UK highlighted as one of the countries with the highest activity in e-commerce. According to the JD schedule, sharing the company culture in other regions will start with a marketing maneuver, adapted to the culture and market interests of the location.

The distribution and opening of new JD centers and warehouses across Europe will vary according to its reception. When having such a diverse economic and political background, market research and culture communication will determine the international success of JD, for the most part.

China has presented restrictive regulations when it comes to diversifying their market activity. Many US organizations have failed to accomplish this connection, including Google and Amazon. Will Liu Quingdong have the key to make the great shift?

The Future Of Shopping Experience With

Richard believes in the supply chain abilities of JD as a unique feature that no companies have implemented in the global market yet. With more than 300 million daily JD users, the CEO has already defined the trajectory and value proposition of the store for the next decade.

  • AR/VR: The way the website is organized can make a difference when different market segments interact with the brand. JingDong should be universally easy to use, so it can spread to the world quicker. Will the item in the photo be right for you? AR/VR is a new feature that solves the problem that most cosmetic and apparel products have. Sometimes, photos may look confusing for people when having a specific search intent. With AR/VR, you can test the clothes and accessories virtually, so you immediately recognize whether you get the results and appearance desired.


  • Security: Along with AR/VR, secure software removes all most of the buyer’s concerns, which helps customers to feel comfortable with the store and explore more products.


  • Artificial Intelligence: From voice commands to tracking algorithms, AI applications are the most beneficial improvement for both sellers and customers. On the one hand, buyers will make more accurate searches in JD, finding the products faster and easier. On the other hand, smart sellers will have access to better software to do product research, detect trends, and find their business opportunities. Expert sellers will use the data to make more profit by adding value inside the platform, and also to balance the item variety of each category, making the JingDong store more complete.

Final Thoughts

Richard Liu has lived several experiences since the creation of until today, and it is hard to predict how far the company can go. In the next few years, JingDong may enter the global market with a technology that will set them apart from the current e-commerce leaders.