Harmony Place Monterey Helping You Understand Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place, holding a degree in Psychology, has a career that spans over 30 years. After getting his degree in Psychology from Johns Hopkin University, he has been practicing varying types of therapies. His areas of expertise include counseling and treatment in areas like marriage and intimacy, family conflicts, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and drug addiction. He is an editor of three books, and his lecture sessions had an attendance of over 50,000 therapists. Apart from his background and experiences, Harmony Place Mark Schwartz is a kind person who is the clinical director at Harmony Place Monterey.

Harmony Place Monterey Extends Treatment

Harmony Place Monterey is in California and is a therapy center that extends treatment options to people who suffer from addiction or many forms of psychological problems. Patients who have bipolar disorder, sexual dysfunction issues, or PTSD treatment requirements will find complete clinical care and therapies at Harmony Place Monterey. The facility has the firm support of Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz as the clinical director and Dr. Lori Galperin, who is the senior therapist at the facility.

The treatment center is one of the leading clinics that have a team of competent therapists and doctors who have helped numerous people to recover from their bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar disorder is a recurring disability that, if handled optimally with medicine and therapy, can help a person to get control over his life and not be a captive to the devastating cycle of mood swings. A person who suffers from this condition should immediately seek a remedy as this condition progresses with time and can be a bigger problem at a later stage. Clinics like Harmony Place Monterey and other therapy centers have a complete treatment option that addresses the root causes of the disorder and advises medications and therapy that stops any further deterioration in the mental state of the patient.

Bipolar Disorder is sometimes like a Seizure, where a new attack damages the person further, bipolar is the same disease, and any recurrence can hurt the mental stability of the person resulting in emotional agitation.

Proper Clinical Diagnostics and Care

The statistics of the clinical treatments are not encouraging where 40% of people are not medicated, and 30% do not continue with their prescriptions. Some clinics prescribe only one medical procedure that rarely works.

Clinics like the Harmony Place Monterey have a proper system in place that requires the patients to have a short stay at the facility. During the time patients are in the clinic, they go through various tests and monitor under varying treatments and therapy to find the most effective treatment options that are the right combination of medicine and therapy.

In most of these cases, the treatment will involve participation from people who are close to the patient. People who suffer from bipolar disorder need support from their family, spouses, close friends. Anything can ignite stress in a patient who has bipolar disorder and can result in deep trauma. At Harmony Place Monterey, the therapists involve people close to the patients to be part of the therapy plans to provide a lasting solution to help the patient recoup from bipolar disorder.

People who suffer from this condition do not have to endure in silence. Clinics like Harmony offer complete confidentiality to a patient, on-call, and during counseling. You can call Harmony Place or visit the center to discuss your problems with full confidentiality.

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