Essential Items for Any Digital Marketing Package

These days, your business is dead in the water without a web presence. Even if you aren’t selling your items online (though you should be doing that also), you still need to have a web presence so that potential customers can find you. Most people look for the products or services they want online before they look anywhere else. If they learn about your products or services elsewhere, they’ll still go online to research your company and find out what other people have to say about your service or the products you sell.

A good website is ground zero for your marketing campaign, but you should also have a few other essential components of your digital marketing campaign to maximize your success. Here are the top items:

Local Search Optimization

Google continually updates its algorithm to determine which sites get top placement in search results. In the past few years, one of the major algorithm changes has been the prioritization of local results. The thinking goes that people are likely to be looking for places to shop or do business near where they live. Therefore, Google is going to show them those results first.

If you want to get top visibility with local searchers, you need to include local search marketing in your digital campaign. That includes doing things like using your city and county name as keywords when optimizing your page, including local contact information and a map, submitting your business to Google’s local business listings, and more. You should also include local topics in your content marketing, such as writing about nearby events or other topics of interest related to your site. For example, if you own a pest control company, you might write a blog post about the types of bugs that are most common to your city or state. All of these things will signal to Google where you are and what customers would be most interested in your company.

A Linking Strategy

Another way that Google prioritizes your site is to assess its authority. If your site is deemed to be authoritative, it will rise to the top of search results quickly, which will help more people see it. Google has many means to determine your site’s authority, but popularity is one of them.

How does Google know that your site is popular? Besides the traffic you get, it also looks at the number of links that are pointing to your site. Think of it like the new kid at school trying to figure out who the popular kids are. He’ll do it by figuring out who everyone is talking about. Google does the same thing. To help your site seem more popular, you’ll need to get as many links pointing to your site as you can. You can do this by creating great content that people will want to link to, by writing guest posts for other sites, or by emailing other sites to let them know about content on your site and asking them to link to it.

A Social Media Strategy

Social media is no longer a novelty. It is here to stay, and it has evolved to offer sophisticated solutions for businesses wanting to reach their audiences. A social media marketing strategy that encompasses all the most effective tools that these platforms offer should be an essential part of your overall digital marketing campaign.

You should belong to the sites that will have the most impact on your audiences, and you should create a content marketing campaign, as well as a paid advertising campaign. A mix of organic and sponsored content should complement one another to send you the most traffic.

An effective digital marketing campaign will contain a variety of elements that are designed to work together for optimal impact. Your campaign must include these essential elements if it is to be successful, but it should include a variety of other components, as well. You will need a great content marketing strategy, compelling videos, good branding, and much more. Always keep your goals in sight while you are putting together your campaign, and always test the components of your campaign to ensure that you are getting the very best results.