Energy Bracelets and Wristbands are trendy but also effective?

Junglecamp starlet Micaela Schäfer has it, ski racer Felix Neureuther advertises for it and football pro Bastian Schweinsteiger should wear it under the tape wile playing. Energy wristbands are very trendy and not only popular with celebrities. Various providers serve the hype and assure a physical all-round improvement. Are the promises correct? I tried it.

The mailing with a brand new leather energy bracelet from the company Ampli5 in Germany is just right: Winter makes you tired and lacy – that’s what I want to change now. A big challenge for such a small bracelet? Apparently not, because the manufacturer is not afraid of difficult tasks and promises more strength, endurance, flexibility, energy and balance.

How does it work? The secret is allegedly in the special alloy of the bracelet: in the metal are stored a variety of electromagnetic frequencies, according to the manufacturer. Through contact with the skin, they are supposed to influence the body’s own vibrations, which are out of balance due to stress, electrosmog and other environmental influences.

Of course I’m not the first to try the bracelet. Bill Waylen, a spokesman for the company Ampli5, proved the alleged effectiveness in 2011 on the US television station Fox4 by subjecting the TV interns to a balance test. Promptly worked the bracelet in the guinea pig perfectly: The young man stood rock solid and was unbalanced by anything. So I do not trust the TV appearance and am curious how the bracelet works for me.

I wear it every day, only in the shower and while sleeping, I put it off. The manufacturer promises an immediate effect, and I notice that every day. I am balanced and feel healthy. I can clearly remember more energy, better fitness and endurance. But I also want to prove it.

So let’s do a test. We have four different exercises with an sports teacher. I am surprised: in the first run (without energy bracelet) my body weakens. In the second (with bracelet) I strike myself much better.

I ask Andreas Hansen what he thinks about the matter. “It’s difficult, the bracelet worked well in our tests, but basically I’m skeptical, and I think it can work well or not,” says the sports teacher, “that it has had a clear effect in my particular case can also be explained by expectations Skepticism on the part of the test person, but also of the tester, could influence the results.

Particularly in diseases such as: Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatic Nerve Damage, Hip and other joint pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wearers of Ampli5 bracelets have had a positive experience.

If you want to live and act on a higher, better level, you owe it to yourself to try the Ampli5 Technology with the life energy …

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