Boost the comfort of your office space with these hacks        

There are times when you wonder why you prefer to work from home. The answer is simple; you have more control over the environment. When designing the office building no one takes into consideration adding a rug under the desk to make the space feel more comfortable. A simple fix, like a warm floor can make the difference when it comes to working extra hours or waiting to get out of the office. Yes, a fluffy rug is not the right choice for an office building but there are other ways to make the floor feel more comfortable and warm.

If you are working in an industry that does not require you to work face-to-face with your clients, then you can boost the design of the office to enhance its aesthetics and make it a more pleasant space to work in. It is widely known that the design of the office has a close connection with the productivity of the employees so if you are in charge of managing a company you should consider this a priority.


Nature inspired elements create a state of tranquillity

Your employees cannot work from a tropical beach but you can bet that they would prefer to do it, rather than staying in a closed office. The good news is that you can bring the paradise to the office with a few green additions. If you bring inside some plants you can create a soothing atmosphere, your employees will find productive and pleasant. Studies show that the persons who work in offices with green plants experience reduced stress levels and higher creativity.

Also, you should check the windows and if needed, restore them to allow natural light to enter inside. Natural light has numerous benefits on workspaces and makes people feel more relaxed. You should remove fluorescent bulbs and replace them with softer lighting, it will create a comfortable atmosphere.

Opt for soft furnishing and house furniture instead of office furniture

When buying furniture for a corporate space, designers often check only the items listed with the description office product. If you collaborate with an interior designer ask them to use products from the home category, they not only that are listed at more affordable prices but they are also designed in a more stylish way. Who says that your office furniture has to follow the same rules as the items from corporate buildings? You need to find items that make your employees feel relaxed and comfortable to want to spend long hours at the office to work hard to achieve the company’s goals. If you decide to purchase the furniture by yourself then you can check the sales periods of furniture boutiques. No one says that you should replace all the office furniture but in time, you can definitely upgrade it with new items that enhance the aesthetics of the space.

In addition, you should forget about the leather chairs, and formal cuts when choosing furniture items. The lunchroom should feel like a space that helps employees take a pause from their work. No one is relaxing when sitting at a coffee table, they would rather prefer an ottoman, or some padded chairs. And forget about the striking coloured plastic items, they scream anything else than corporate building. Soft furnishings will make your employees feel like home and they will forget about their long to get out of the office fast. Get rid of your traditional office furniture and switch from the formal vibe to a cosy ambiance.

Do not ignore the floor

Do you think that your employees do not notice the uninviting floor from the office? This is one of the first aspects they see when they are entering the building and they would do anything to cover it. Yes, hardwearing floors are designed to last for years and to reduce the maintenance costs, but they also cut down productivity. You have to decide what you prefer, to save money on floor maintenance or to boost your employees’ productivity and earn more money. The second option has greater advantages because it even allows you to change the floor with a new one regularly.

A warm floor will make the space feel cosy. Warmfloor is a cost efficient flooring solution for businesses. Chose a version made from eco-friendly materials, because businesses nowadays focus on using sustainable products. Search for floor solutions that can be installed in both homes and business offices because they look aesthetically better. It is important for the floors to be highly insulated because no one wants their feet to freeze when sitting in front of the computer for more than eight hours a day. If possible, you should also incorporate underfloor heating, it will enhance the comfort of the office.

It all lays in the details

If you want to make the space more inviting then you have to remove all the artwork that has a single message “you are at work”. No office artwork should be allowed in the office, yes, you heard it right. You can ask your employees to hang different pieces of artwork they consider inspiring on the walls of the office building. You can also check the local artisans market to buy some affordable pieces and to support the local community. It is a good marketing strategy to buy and showcase artwork created by local artists.

In case your brand is not exactly the one that can be associated with artwork you can opt for posters. Your employees are definitely movie fans, so you can hang on the walls posters of their favourite movies. The number one rule when displaying things in an office is to choose the ones that you truly love and reflect your brand’s value.

Allow your employees to bring the things their love in the office. Some may want to bring a pillow for their chair, others may prefer a cardboard of a movie character, and others may want to have a framed picture of their pets or family. Whatever makes them comfortable, a bit of personality has never done any harm in a corporate environment.