A New Study Reveals The Most Popular Hobbies During The Pandemic

According to a new study, Americans are turning to hobbies like playing the guitar, baking, exercising, listening to music, and meditation for comfort during the pandemic.

Many people have found new and interesting things to do with their free time. Learning a new instrument like the guitar can provide a distraction from the virus and all the sad news. It can also help in fighting boredom.

Hobbies Like Playing the Guitar Can Calm Coronavirus Stress

According to a Kaiser Family poll, nearly 50% of Americans report that the coronavirus crisis has affected their mental health. Data shows that depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse are increasing.

  • The sense of uncertainty associated with the coronavirus pandemic can negatively affect your physical and mental health. It is hard to envision an end to this pandemic, not even the experts can provide concrete reassurance on when things will return to “normal.”

Spending time in nature, social connection, and partaking in hobbies, can help reduce coronavirus stress.

A survey that was carried out by the Mental Health Foundation reveals that:

  • 59% of survey respondents said that going for walks helped them cope with coronavirus stress.
  • 48% chatted with family and friends, online or on the phone, to help deal with stress.
  • 39% of the respondents listed the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You need to sleep well, exercise regularly, and eat healthily during this pandemic period. Healthy habits will help to keep stress levels under control.
  • 38% of survey respondents indicated that hobbies had helped reduce coronavirus stress.

Which Are the Most Popular Hobbies During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Home workouts are five times more popular than they were at the same time last year. More people are also playing co-op games and watching apocalypse movies.

  • One in two Americans is reading to pass time.
  • One in three is playing board games and doing arts and crafts.
  • The three most popular hobbies are watching movies, working out, and reading.
  • Other popular hobbies include writing, learning an instrument, and learning a language.

Surprisingly, There Has Been a Surge in Guitar Sales during This Pandemic Period

A spokesperson from Zager Guitars confirmed that they are having problems keeping their shelves stocked because of increased demand for guitars since the onset of the pandemic. The spokesperson attributes the surge in demand to more people wanting to learn the guitar during this lockdown period.

  • The guitar has always been the instrument of choice for beginners because it is easy to learn compared to other instruments.
  • Learning an instrument is the dream of many people. However, most people complain of lacking the time to do so. With the stay at home orders, no one can complain of lacking the time to learn a new skill.

Zager Will Continue Supplying High Quality & Affordable Guitars during This Pandemic Period

Zager Guitars promises to continue supplying hand-built guitars with top-rated components. They also promise low prices with a 100% money-back guarantee. Zager guitars are known for their unique built, superior resonation, longevity, and consistent sounds. They handle scratches and dings better than other guitars.

All Zager guitars are made in the US. Thus, they won’t be stock replenishment problems because of relying on global supply chains that have been affected by the coronavirus.

There is a reason why pro guitarists choose Zager over other leading brands such as Gibson and Fender. It is because Zager guitars are lower priced, easier to play, and they are made using top-rated components.