A New Freelance Marketplace for Hiring Freelancers and Finding Freelance Jobs

More and more, talented workers are turning to freelancing as their go-to career. Likewise, companies all over the world are starting to realize the many benefits of including freelancers as part of their workforce.

In order for these freelancers to find work and in order for companies to have access to talented freelancers, though, both must rely on platforms dedicated to connecting freelancers with clients.

Enter FreelanceMyWay – a new marketplace for hiring freelancers and finding freelance jobs that is looking to carve out a stake in the massive freelance economy and change for the better the way freelancers are hired.

What FreelanceMyWay Offers

FreelanceMyWay is a platform where clients are able to post jobs and receive bids on those jobs from talented freelancers all over the world. In many ways, FreelanceMyWay is similar to the freelancing platforms to come before it, but with a few key distinctions that help set FreelanceMyWay apart.

One of the biggest advantages of the platform is the fact that all freelancers are hand-screened before being approved to apply for jobs. This screening process helps weed out much of the lesser-quality talent that tends to plague most freelancing platforms and in the end is a major benefit to both freelancers and clients on FreelanceMyWay alike.

For clients, the screening process provides a large degree of validation regarding the freelancers they are considering and helps keep them from having to waste time and potentially money weeding through freelancers who are not up to the task. For the freelancers who are able to pass the screening process, it keeps them from having to compete with lesser-quality freelancers who may be willing to undercut their rates. In the end, it’s a win-win system that is something the freelance marketplace has desperately been needing.

FreelanceMyWay is also optimized for mobile use, enabling both freelancers and clients to manage projects on the go in a way that is simple and intuitive.

In essence, though, anyone who is familiar with freelance marketplaces such as FreelanceMyWay will have no problem using the platform. Posting jobs are free for clients, and for freelancers to apply to with no limits on the number of applications a freelancer can submit. Both posting and applying for jobs on the platform are simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.


In spite of the massive growth of the freelance economy, freelancers and clients alike are still somewhat limited as to where they can post and apply for jobs. FreelanceMyWay offers a new marketplace for freelancers and clients as well as a few important changes that the industry has been needing.

In addition to benefiting from features such as FreelanceMyWay’s screening process and the platform’s mobile optimization, the most important benefit of FreelanceMyWay is the fact that it offers one more resource for both clients and freelancers to make use of as they seek to take advantage of the freelance economy’s increasingly important role in the global market.