4 Savvy Ways to Take Advantage of Tech to Keep More Money in Your Pocket

The desire to get paid more is pretty much universal, isn’t it?

The good news? The nature of technology is making it easier than ever to do exactly that.

From uncovering job opportunities and potential investments to saving money in your day-to-day life, today’s flurry of apps and ever-evolving tech can be a potential goldmine for those looking to stay flushed with cash.

In fact, there are four distinct ways you can use technology to save and make money that are right under your nose.

And with that, let’s dive right in!

Get Involved with the Gig Economy

If you’ve been looking to become your own boss and earn money on your own terms, you’re in look.

The current gig economy thrives on a variety of apps and web-based platforms that can help you earn some serious money on the side.

For example, there are freelance marketplaces like Upwork where you can hone your marketing skills and bid on jobs relevant to your experience. You can also get alerted to potential openings via the Indeed app as well, keeping your inbox filled with opportunities without having to dig for them.

Similarly, think about the popularity of ridesharing and how you need little more than a smartphone to get started as a driver yourself. If you’re thinking about earning side cash with Uber, you can actually snag an awesome driver invite code from Ridester to earn some serious bonuses upon doing so.

Turn Your Smartphone into a Money-Saving Machine

Given that we use our phones for everything from mobile banking to paying, it’s no surprise that apps have emerged as a brilliant way to keep more money in our pockets.

For starters, consider some of the best money-saving apps on the marketplace today including…

  • Mint: this budgeting app keeps your spending habits in check, alerting you when you’ve spilled over and likewise helps you allocate funds for retirement and savings
  • Acorns: this app is a swift introduction to investing, rounding up your purchases into a separate account that essentially serves as “passive” income as you don’t think twice about it
  • Honey: automatically aggregating coupon codes, this app takes the legwork out of hunting for deals and instead delivers them right to your phone

Sell Your Stuff via Social Media

Just as businesses are making a killing selling products through social media, consumers can do the same when it comes to offloading their would-be donated or throwaway items.

Think about it. Before hauling off that old piece of furniture or guitar that’s been gathering dust in the corner, consider how hubs like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace allow you to actually turn such items into cash with little legwork on your part.

Smart Home Investments

Not all money-saving tech is confined to our phones. The popularity of “smart” devices is telling, as are regular household items that make back their initial cost by keeping items like your energy bill lower. Consider some popular tech and gadgets to save money at home over time including:

  • Smart thermostats, automatically adjusting throughout the day and based on your activity to avoid energy waste
  • Smart plugs, similarly turning off at preset times to avoid excessive electronic use
  • LED bulbs, a brilliant alternative to bulbs that burn out and otherwise eat up your electric bill

The takeaway? Modern technology has made earning and saving money a cinch for those savvy enough to take advantage of it. Whether you’re strapped for cash or just want to start building your own nest egg sooner rather than later, any combination of these tips can help.