4 Lesser Used Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Consider For Your Startup

For most startups, it’s hard to say no to focusing your efforts on what’s popular. After all, if a lot of people are gravitating towards this, then it must be working, right? However, sometimes taking the path less taken can lead to greater rewards, which is why we’re bringing you a few of our favorite lesser used strategies you should consider. Check them out below:

Launching A Podcast

Although we think of podcasts as being overplayed, the right strategy can give you a leg up in legitimacy. As long as you’ve put forth effort and energy into developing a brand that people take seriously, having a podcast can be a great tool for getting more customers and establishing new partnerships and connections. Podcast fans are loyal, with nearly 80 percent of fans listening to all or most of an episode each week, which is an amazing retention rate. However, we have to ask ourselves why podcasts are used and how to establish a solid routine for one to be successful.

One of the first steps you should take with your podcast is establishing the brand behind it. Make the theme open enough that it can cover a wide range of guests and topics, but not too broad that it doesn’t have a focused narrative or plot to it. A smart way to get into this line of thinking is simply by going through the podcast you currently listen to or find interesting and write down what you like about them, as well as how you can apply similar guiding themes to your thought leadership catalog. The goal for your podcast should be to develop yourself as a consistent authority figure on a topic in your industry, slowly cultivating a following for it over time.

Becoming More Active On Reddit

While often used, Reddit isn’t always looked at as a prominent source for marketing yourself; honestly, it’s easy to see why. One of the best aspects of Reddit is the passion of the communities it forms; however,  those communities are also not welcoming to people trying to sell something. They consider it a disturbance and disrespectful. Usually, moderators take these posts down, and it is this quality control that has been keeping Reddit in business for so long. However, Reddit users also have a lot of buying power, with 35 percent of users making more than $75,000 per year (as noted by Search Engine Journal), which is why if you’re going to get on Reddit, it starts with an organic approach.

As Reddit only allows those with comment or activity history to create posts, we highly recommend that if you don’t already have an active Reddit account, then it’s wise to stop what you’re doing and create one right now. Additionally, start following the subreddits that are involved in your industry, actively making a note to have genuine discussions and posts. Remember, if you’re going to be an evangelist for your brand, that also involves being an advocate for your industry, so take this as a moment to both engage as well as learn about where your company stands amongst the mix. Although it’ll take a few weeks to really getting a history rolling, it’s also well worth the effort, as the following you can start to garner from being genuine on Reddit is priceless.

Hosting A Telegram

Beyond just the crypto communities, Telegram can be an excellent channel to have intimate conversations with your fans or customers. According to the Business of Apps, in 2018, Telegram had an average of 200 million active users, which is a pretty solid base to connect with and learn from. Although it’ll take a community approach that’s similar to Reddit, it’s also something where you can focus the conversation and community around your brand, highlighting what product developments or new offerings are coming soon. The more intimate an experience you can make this, the better; it’s something people will appreciate.

Being A Consistent Blogger

Finally, despite the number of companies that say they need a blog or Medium account, seldom do people actually go through with the proper steps for content marketing and consistently producing relatable materials. However, as noted by Impact Bound, 53 percent of marketers say that blogging is their top content marketing priority, which goes to show that when it comes to your overarching content plans, keeping up with your blog is only one aspect. The others are everything that supports the blog.

Although your blog can be the foundation of your content (that is, the central you’re trying to drive people towards), it’s also not the only aspect to running a content marketing plan. Depending on your industry, other mediums of delivery such as video or heavy photography can play more of a role in gaining retention from social media, with your blog primarily serving as the hub. The other half to supporting your blog is content campaigning and planning, which includes coming up with your theme/topic, as well as scheduling out the logistics. As long as you keep your plans consistent, this will be an excellent strategy for bringing along more attention to your startup long-term.

What are some lesser known strategies you’ve found useful for your startup? Comment with your insights below!