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Regardless of the industry that you are in, the need for general liability insurance is very real. Unfortunately, lawsuits have become commonplace among today's businesses. While most issues are generally handled in small claims courts, these are still situations where you need to be covered under a general liability insurance policy. Having to appear in court can not only jeopardize the finances of your business, but it can also damage your reputation and affect your ability to compete with other businesses. Having a general liability insurance policy can protect your business against liability claims, where you would otherwise be on your own to fund the associated costs.  If you are in need of general liability insurance you can check out GeneralLiabilityInsurance.org.


If someone happens to get injured at your place of work, general liability insurance can protect you against lawsuits. Customer or even employee injuries can happen and when they do, you want to ensure that you are protected. Injuries can also happen because of a product or service that you provided to a customer. If something was wrong with the work that you did and it caused an injury, general liability insurance is a must.

Allergic reactions

Another common problem with businesses today is the reality of an allergic reaction from your customers. If one of your customers happens to consume a food or beverage at your business and becomes gravely ill from it, general liability insurance provides the coverage that you need in this situation.

Business vehicle accidents

If you operate motorized vehicles for your business and you regularly have customers in these vehicles, your business could get sued if the driver happened to cause an accident. General liability insurance can protect your business and your employees against lawsuits associated with car accidents.

Building damage

If you are currently renting your building, it's possible that the landlord of the complex could blame damage on your business. This could be because of a fire, flood, or any other type of incident. If the building owner believes that it was your company that caused the damages, you could be taken to court over the matter. General liability insurance provides protection for your business in a situation such as this.

General liability insurance can protect your business under a wide variety of circumstances. Virtually all businesses need to have liability insurance of some kind. You never know when something could happen and you need financial support in order to legally represent yourself when you appear in court.

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