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No one can argue that your online influence matters. Without it, you would be crippled in your ability to reach large swaths of customers from all over the world. Doing so shows that you’re relevant and willing to engage in the 21st century. So, is online marketing enough?

It turns out that there still is plenty of reason to step out of your online castle and engage customers. Many are beginning to think that promoting a business online is enough. After all, there are seemingly endless ways to make your influence known there from your personal website, email, a business blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Timeless Marketing

The reality is that in-person marketing still matters just as it has since the dawn of time. You have just as much to gain by face-to-face interaction with your customers as Greek chariot makers did thousands of years ago. Some things are timeless and will never change.

Think about someone you admire but have never met. They may be an author, a sports athlete or humanitarian worker. If you knew that this person was visiting your city, wouldn’t you want to meet them? Of course, you would. Although your customers don’t always express their gratitude to you, they appreciate the way you have improved their lives, too. They would love the chance to personally interact with you and your company.

In-Person Marketing Benefits

It Builds Trust

Trust matters in today’s information age. Virtually anyone can set up a website that claims to offer great products or services. Although a website and content matter, it only matters if your customer has a valid reason to trust you.

In-person marketing proves that you aren’t a fly-by-night entity out to rip off poor and unsuspecting customers. Customers want to verify that you are a real business with real solutions to their problems. There is no better way to do this than to interact with your customers in person.

It “Humanises” Your Business

Sometimes, it’s easy to think of businesses in “fuzzy” ways. The customer just assumes that a business is a money-making machine with no personality, passion, or humanity.

In-person marketing helps to prove that this isn’t true. You get the chance to personally engage with potential customers and they get to see that you aren’t very different than they are. You’re human, approachable, and likable. You just built one more powerful reason for customers to do business with you in the future.

Ongoing Relationships

Even more powerful than making a great first impression is developing ongoing personal relationships. Doing so is a force that is unstoppable in any area of life and the business world is no exception to that fact. Succeed in building authentic relationships with your customers and you’ll likely have their loyalty for life.

Better Understanding of Your Customer Needs

Who do you think would have made a better king in medieval times. One that isolated from the common people or one that went out and talked to them. That’s an easy decision, right? The one who was willing to do the hard work of trying to understand the people succeeded and was greatly appreciated. You may not be a king, but you are a leader who seeks to meet the needs of many people. By interacting with them, you’ll better understand their problems and be able to offer them better solutions.

Forms of In-Person Marketing

There are several ways that you can do in-person marketing. Often, this is done through event marketing. You need to be part of an event to have a platform to personally interact with customers. Different types of events your business can attend include benefit dinners, exhibitions, and conferences. These events offer up invaluable word-of-mouth referrals and add power to your customer base.

It’s essential that you promote yourself and your business appropriately at such events. When exhibiting, you will learn how vital a structured and creative exhibition stand is if you want to attract customers and make a ROI. At such events, you should always interact and converse politely with as many people as you can.

Although you don’t have to utilize event marketing, you’ll probably want to do so. If you get out there and personally interact with your customers, you and those who need your services will benefit in countless ways.

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