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The world of marketing has changed drastically in a very short time. Just a decade or so ago, companies could afford to be faceless giants reaching out to a wide swath of people without every worrying about connecting on an individual level. But that kind of approach won’t cut it anymore. More and more, customers insist on a personal approach from the businesses that attempt to cater to them. If they don’t get that, they’ll likely find someone who can connect with them on that one-to-one level.

Luckily, even small businesses have the ability to make that happen. This kind of personalized approach was made much easier with technological advances, first with email, and then social media. Things have advanced to the point where businesses have the capability to understand the wants and needs of each customer within their target area. Yet many don’t take advantage of those tools, wasting an opportunity that others in their market are only too glad to seize.

Personalization is just one of the exciting new trends that are taking over marketing, as MDG Advertising makes clear in its informative infographic. What you’ll find when you personalize your approach to marketing is just how close you can bring customers to you.

The Trust Factor

If you have the choice between trusting a dear personal friend with a very important task and trusting that same task to someone whom you hardly know, of course, you’ll choose the friend every time. That’s similar to how customers feel about a business that does whatever it can to approach them at the most personal level possible. The trust engendered by your approach will most likely pay off in a sale to that customer and the very distinct possibility of repeat business. If you can do that many times across your target audience, your business can absolutely soar.

Going Beyond the Obvious

It’s nice to send someone an email addressed to them, with the subject line also identifying them. That kind of personal touch is effective, but what’s even better is when you address a customer’s needs before they have to reach out to you in the first place. Mining for data that predicts what a potential customer might want from you has the effect of making that customer feel special and respected. That’s the kind of relationship you just can’t achieve with traditional advertising.

Following It Up

Making that first personal contact with a customer isn’t always easy. It can take a bit of trial and error if you’re doing things the old-fashioned way. But in that time, your competitors may be making that connection instead of you. That’s why business marketers need to stay proactive and quickly make use of market analytics to see how their outreach efforts are playing on a micro level. That will help them instantly identify any problem areas and adjust on the fly.

Personalization is the new norm in the marketing world. The key is to take it as far as you can to get the unique rapport with your customers that translates to sales.


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