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As I’m sure you’re aware, mobile use for browsing the internet has exploded in recent years. If you haven’t reacted to this, then you’re just hurting your own company! These days, a responsive website is becoming more and more of a business essential. You need to take this fact on board if you want your business to really reach its potential. Here’s some of the reasons you can’t afford not to have a responsive website.
First of all, if you don’t have a responsive website, your users won’t have a positive experience. When your users don’t have a positive experience, your bounce rate will skyrocket! You can read any study you want on bounce rates, and see the same worrying trends. Your average consumer spends mere seconds scanning a web page before deciding whether or not to stay there. First impressions are heavy within online business, and as always, the customer should always come first. If you tried to access a site from your smartphone, and found a dysfunctional page with overlapping text, would you want to make a purchase? I thought not! With responsive web design, you’ll be able to keep your customers on your page and away from your competitor’s.
Another big reason is the link between social media and mobile internet users. Unless you’re a real pagan, part of your inbound marketing strategy will involve blogging and social media tactics. Analysts say that well over half of all social media use happens through a mobile device. Social network and smartphone use are increasing, so this figure is only expected to rise. Furthermore, being on social media at all opens your company up to a lot of public shaming if your business warrants it. If you’re sharing links to your site, and it isn’t responsive, then you’re only going to have a low conversion rate and upset customers. On another note, never, ever underestimate the power of upset customers!
The speed of a responsive website is another reason why you can’t afford to neglect it. You’ll find that firms like MEDIA Tribe flaunt this feature a lot. By current standards, your site should load down to the fold in one second, and the whole page should load within two on any mobile device. With a desktop-only website viewed through a mobile device, this is near impossible! Loading times are a big part of any online experience, and that’s certainly not about to change. Users are getting rapidly spoilt by high-performance sites too. If your site takes even a little longer to load than the average, you’re not going to retain much of your traffic. Making sure you’re up to scratch is mainly guesswork and comparison. However, there are tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights which can help you out.digital
Well, there you have it. If you weren’t worrying about the responsiveness of your website before, then you certainly should be now! Make sure your site is up to modern standards, and your traffic, conversions, and overall growth will show it.

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