Why is Corporate Output Management Important?

The distribution and provision of physical or electronic documents and information are among the most important core processes in a company. This is the precise focus of output management.

Many companies invest significant resources in the establishment and maintenance of a cohesive print network of systems and applications, output devices, and software solutions for individual tasks and process steps. As the company grows, so do these networks, often augmented with single solutions.

Such “organically grown” output networks have many weak points and potential for improvement which can be quickly recognized if the following questions are asked:

  • Is the delivery of all printing jobs guaranteed?
  • Is the status of all output processes transparent for administrators and users?
  • Does commissioning a new printer involved a lot of work?
  • Do printing jobs sometimes go missing?
  • Do the same manual preparations and corrections always have to be carried out?
  • Can your business processes be blocked by a printing disruption?
  • And how quickly will it be noticed?
  • What about forms, application formats, print formats and printer languages?
  • And what about failure safely and load distribution?
  • Is delivery of the entire output process secure?
  • Do manual tasks (like rearranging documents) have to be done?
  • Can administration or accounting be done centrally?
  • Does your fleet of devices have a systematic fleet and incident management?
  • How about manufacturer-independent solutions (like exchanging devices)?
  • And what about the connection to mobile devices?
  • Can your employees print from their smartphones or tablets?
  • Is your output system a patchwork of single solutions?

SEAL Systems in Phoenix, Arizona is the Corporate Output Management Company that answers these queries and encompasses all questions, requests, and problems concerning the company-wide distribution of documents for all U.S. companies benefiting from such services.

With their proprietary Output Management platform, they allow not only all processes to be handled over one system, but also to ensure previous single output systems are working more efficiently and working in synergy with other systems. Businesses may optimize the output processes with many additional features for all areas of your print infrastructure and processes.

Businesses large and small are benefiting from software solutions to make the creation, management, and distribution of documents easier and more secure. Under the direction of North American CEO David Salamanek, SEAL Systems has become the leading international provider of software solutions for the distribution of information and documents since 1981.

SEAL Systems has been helping businesses to connect ERP, Windows terminal servers, engineering systems and mobile devices with their output devices, company-wide and across location, hardware, and software. With nearly 100 employees worldwide, SEAL Systems has three locations in Germany, and several subsidiaries in North America, Australia, and France.