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With a lot of marketing strategies going digital, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of having a physically printed advertisement to share with your customers. A picture is worth a thousand words, but if it’s shared online, it can disappear quickly and go easily unnoticed. If you personally hand out digital print, or even just post something out to your customers, they’re more likely to acknowledge it.

If you aren’t already on board with digital print, here are just a few reasons why it should be a part of your marketing plan.

The Benefits of Print Marketing

It has a higher chance of being seen

Email and social media marketing is undoubtedly a successful way of advertising business, but it does have its limitations. Emails can easily go unnoticed and get marked as spam, so the chances of them getting read can often be low. It’s also completely out of your control whether or not the recipient chooses to open and read it, whereas if you personally hand them a piece of print – you know they’ve seen it. Reports have shown that around 79% of people will act on physical mail immediately.

It’s more personal

Another arguable problem with online methods of marketing is that it lacks personal connection. Because everyone is doing it, it has less meaning and impact. When you see an advertisement online, you often won’t connect real people to it because it’s just coming from the screen in front of you. You’re not seeing anyone, you’re not speaking to anyone, so no connection is being made. However, when the business and recipient are face to face, or even when a letter is received through the post, it’s physical and easier to connect with.

It’s quick and easy

In the past, methods of digital printing were complex and time consuming. This is one of the reasons why online marketing became so successful - because it provided an instant way of sending out a message to your audience. Although print marketing is still a slower method, it’s much more efficient than ever before.

Digital printing can be done in a timely manner, so if your business needs a quick turn around you needn’t worry about long delays. Marketing companies are now specialising in digital print marketing services because they’re aware of the need for it in business. It can be customised to meet personal requirements, which provides for a more unique material to distribute to customers. This type of customisation simply isn't possible with traditional print technologies, where customisation requires printing plate modification.

You’re meeting every consumer’s needs

Investing your time and money into your marketing plan means that you’re appealing to a wider audience. Although we live in a digital age, not everyone likes to spend all of their time online and not everyone uses it for things like social media. Many generations still enjoy picking up a newspaper compared to reading an online article, so you should be looking for ways to get your business seen by them too.

Just because a new trend takes off, doesn’t always mean you should leave the old methods behind. They once worked for a reason, and that reason hasn’t gone away just because something else has taken the spotlight.



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