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When you are engaged in any type of dispute that involves money, you should partner with a team of forensic accountants to take advantage of their expertise and guidance. Tracking the worth of your assets or the value of your estate and business should be left to the professionals who are accustomed to finding a tailor-made solution in a timely and accurate fashion. Let’s take a look at some of the times in both your professional and private life when you might need the assistance of a forensic accountant.


Criminal Investigations

If you’ve had an employee take money from your company and the proceedings go to litigation, your forensic accountants can ascertain their total worth and how to recover the amount taken from their assets. The team will examine all of the evidence on both sides and make a decision based on the facts and figures uncovered in the investigation. The accountants should be experienced in criminal defence cases and knowledgeable about the proceeds of the crime that has occurred.

Personal Injury Cases

You usually think of personal injury cases related to car accidents and the amount of earnings that are lost as a result of the traffic mishap. An efficient team of forensic accountants can also handle mesothelioma litigation, loss of one’s pension through no fault of their own, and cases involving clinical negligence. Should you have any questions about information that you’ve been given by your employer regarding the value of your pension or your rights that may be in dispute, you should contact a reputable forensic accountant to assist you with getting the amount that you truly deserve.


Being entangled in divorce proceedings is stressful enough, but if you add in financial holdings and disputes over child support and alimony, the entire process becomes almost unbearable. If you need the assets that you or your spouse hold jointly or separately valued, or if you suspect that your spouse is trying to hide assets from you, you should partner with a team of forensic accountants who can find these holdings and determine their value for your settlement. It’s important to work with a team that will conduct its investigations in a sensitive manner so as to not make the situation more difficult than it already is.

Tax Matters

Having to experience a tax investigation can be an extremely stressful situation with which you need proper professional advice. Whether you’re being examined for tax evasion, tax fraud, or a voluntary disclosure, you need professional assistance to navigate the questions and records that must be presented. Before you enter into any dialogue with HMRC, you should be prepared and equipped with accurate and reliable facts that won’t be questioned after you share them. By visiting the website frenkels.com, you can find a wealth of helpful information that will prepare you for PAYE, VAT, or civil investigations.

There will be times in your life when consulting a professional who is trained in the field will be necessary to arrive at a satisfactory solution. Knowing when to hire the services of forensic accountants can prevent unnecessary fines and penalties and can provide you with peace of mind in the midst of chaos.

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