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Promoting your business and maintaining a high level of visibility will help you to consistently attract new customers and allow your business to grow. To achieve these goals, you will need to develop a successful marketing strategy so that when a customer needs some leaflets printing or wants someone with an envelope printer, they know who to call.

Here is a look at some tips to give your print shop a marketing boost.

The art of collaboration

One aspect of marketing your print shop that can sometimes be overlooked is the importance of collaboration.

Print shops are often part of a process that includes a number of other components, meaning that as well as retail customers there are plenty of opportunities to develop relationships with graphic designers, freelance writers and advertising agencies, to give just a few examples.

If you can identify and develop a relationship with other people who you can collaborate with in order to get a job done, this will open up plenty of potential opportunities to reach a broader audience and generate more turnover as a result.

The art of giving

Another effective marketing tool which is very cost-effective because it often only involves your time and some modest expenses, is the art of giving something to your local community.

Word-of-mouth has always been an excellent way of generating new customers and if you make a decision to get your print shop involved in local community events and activities, it can provide you with some valuable exposure to business people in the community as well as feeling good that you are making a positive contribution.

Producing some flyers for a local event or offering your services in some other way, will raise awareness of your print shop business and helps to raise your profile, which can only be good for your business in the long run.

Define your edge

Any business can try and sell their product or service on the promise that they offer low prices, great quality or excellent service, but these are just mere words unless you actually deliver on these points.

Define what makes you different and what your customers like about your business and you will have identified a marketing edge that you can exploit successfully to grow your business.

If you offer to beat any comparable quote and actually do that every time, customers will develop a trust that you are the cheapest around and this is just one example of defining your USP or edge and then using that to drive your marketing strategy.

If you deliver on those promises and provide low prices and good service, customers will soon remember you for that and will often come to you first next time they want to place a printing order.

Use social media

Many of us do business online these days and it is therefore important that your print shop establishes an online presence, and social media is an excellent tool for doing this.

Getting customers to like you on Facebook or encouraging them to leave comments on social media sites about the great price they got for a printing job, can soon generate some useful marketing feedback and help to increase awareness of your print business.

Marketing your business should be a continual process and allows your print shop to evolve and hopefully prosper, so make sure you use all of the marketing tools at your disposal.

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