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Whether you are a desk-bound office worker or a keen sportsman or sportswoman, aches and pains can strike at any time. Make sure that an annoying niggle doesn't become something more debilitating by getting prompt and effective treatment.

Corporate Solutions
Most businesses are keenly aware of the number of days lost to employee health problems, with sickness and absence being the bane of many an office manager's life. Forward-thinking companies are realising that making an investment in the health of their employees can help to revitalise and reinvigorate a tired workforce.

Why not take advantage of a service that brings trained physiotherapists into the workplace to diagnose possible issues with workstations, manual handling and other health problems? Whether you want a single physiotherapist to come and spend time with individuals, or would like to treat your entire workforce to a Pilates class to tone and strengthen core muscles, this is a brilliant way of motivating your employees to take responsibility for their own health.

One-to-one sessions can be arranged to check the ergonomics of each workstation, ensuring that people are sitting correctly at their desks, without causing strain to muscles and joints. Sometimes, just altering the height of a chair, or angle of a computer can be enough to alleviate a back or neck problem, potentially saving money if an employee thereby avoids muscular or skeletal problems that could have caused them to require sick leave later on.

Individual Solutions
From gait analysis to help sportspeople to move more efficiently and painlessly to massage, a physiotherapist can improve and enhance the wellbeing of just about everybody. We all take time to service our cars and even our pets get a routine check once a year when they go for their annual injections, but we often neglect our own health issues. Niggling aches and pains can become more pronounced as the years go by and yet so many of us believe that these problems are just something that we should learn to live with. Actually, in most cases there is plenty that we can do to improve the situation and we should all take time to get ourselves checked over by an expert.

With companies now offering a range of services including massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy, London is the place to be for the latest innovations in health maintenance. Sorting out a minor problem before it becomes a major one is relatively easy and yet many of us still suffer in silence not realising that help is available.

Even people with longstanding health issues can lead a more comfortable life after an assessment by a qualified physiotherapist. Learning some simple exercises, making a few changes to lifestyle and discovering how to move more efficiently can all help to promote a sense of wellbeing and to lessen many annoying health problems.

Whether you are an employee in a large corporation, a stay-at-home mother or suffer from a longstanding disability, there is a physiotherapy solution that could help you to lead a more productive and pain-free life.

Jane Weston writes regularly on medical subjects for a range of health websites and blogs. She believes that when seeking out physiotherapy London has a wealth of services to offer. She has written this article using information from Central Health at their website

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