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Well-designed infographics that go viral have inspired many to try to make their own. After all, the best designs make them look deceptively simple, and the availability of programs ranging in price from GIMP to Photoshop means that it seems like anyone can create them. The problem is, many people can create infographics, but few can create designs that are eye-catching, effective, and still look easy.

A great design that represents your business to thousands of viewers is not something to risk on the amateurs. You might still be tempted if your budget is low, however, so here are the pros and cons of DIY infographics so you can decide for yourself.

Pros of DIY Infographics

If you're doing your own infographics or getting a friend or family member to do it free of charge, you're getting what you pay for. You might get a wonderful design or a terrible one, and if you're asking someone to do it for you free of charge, you may feel obligated to use the design, or their feelings will be hurt. However, you will be able to have a greater influence on the design process and you may even have a friend who is a designer and can really design a great infographic for free or very cheap.

Infographics are the central point of some marketing campaigns. In our image-heavy culture, are very willing to look at, share, and talk about infographics, because they represent an easy way of condensing information into an easy-to-read format. Even those who don't like reading don't mind infographics. How can you measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign if the infographic at its heart isn't perfect? You will save money by not paying for the infographic, and you could get a viral campaign for free (not counting the time you spend designing).

Cons of DIY Infographics

The downside of a do-it-yourself infographic is that you don't have access to the expertise of a great designer. Designers have already undergone training on their own or formally to learn what techniques work, what something as small a double line over a brand does to someone's opinion of the brand, and what infographics will work. If you release an infographic on your own, you have to go through all this trial and error on your own.

Aside from the experience of what works, the actual design is often lacking. You might think something looks pretty and simple, but have you ever reread something you have written, drawn, or created after a few weeks to discover that it wasn't as great as you thought at first? This is what a designer can help with. They have practiced objectively critiquing their own work as they go so the design is sleek, professional, and eye-catching.

When you go to hire an infographics designer or firm, look for the amount of experience they have, some past design examples, how successful these designs were with their clients, and their ordering process. Some agencies offer a certain number of free revisions to ensure that you're satisfied with what you get. If you're hiring a designer for the first time, ask about the process and they'll let you know what turnaround time you can expect.

An infographic designer or design firm can help you get the right kind of attention to your brand. Designing DIY infographics is simply too much of a hassle and too risky to your brand name or business image. Why not take advantage of the marketing and design knowledge of an expert when it comes to your success?

Christian Boughner is a freelance graphic designer. He loves blogging in his spare time for a variety of websites. Click to see some great infographic examples.

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