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When is a cut a gain?

Jan - 20 - 2014

In a day and age in which first impressions are ever so important, a good professional look – clean shaven and well-trimmed hair– is a great calling card. It shows you take pride in details, hygiene and projects self-esteem. It is thus absolutely preferable, in today’s recession, to present yourself at job interviews with a fresh haircut. But that is not the only time in which a visit to your local barber might be a good idea.

Where the is a demand...

...there should also be an adequate supply. So it could be quite a good idea to learn to be a barber. It is a line of work that allows for a great degree of flexibility as pertaining to the time it takes you to learn the job. If you already have an occupation, you could easily follow the longer apprenticeship, but if you are more pressed for time, then an intensive program (such as the two month intensive course offered at the London School of Barbering) is the way to go. And it was interesting to learn that the cost of the course could be typically made back in two to three months time.

Flexibility & Earning Potential

These two aspects go hand in hand. Barbering can be a part time job, and can integrate an already existing occupation.  And you can already start earning whilst learning by asking family and friends to act as paying guinea pigs. So barbering could become a secondary source of income, but it also has a high earning potential on its own. Not only do you potentially get to be your own boss and earn a daily income, but the metro-sexual male of the 21st Century takes pleasure in a wet shave, a hot towel steam and a good looking cut, and he will be willing to spend for it. Since the earning potential is high, then you can also decide how many hours you work.

Is it the right job for you?

Learning how to barber is particularly suitable for those that have an eye for aesthetics, good practical skills, creativity and are generally sociable. Customer service capabilities will be key in your earning potential. Good people skills and a great location could allow you to make an interesting income.

Lots of options

Barbering is not necessarily confined to a salon. Not only could you work as a freelancer, travelling to your clients' homes, but you could easily find an array of opportunities (from hotels to cruise ships to military bases). Thus combining skills, and earning well throughout.

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