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A lot of big businesses rely on call centres to be the face of their company to customers. It is, therefore, vital that you have the right call centre software to ensure you deliver a great call handling service to your clients. These are a few of the most common points to consider before investing:

It's Easy to Use

Don't go through the effort and cost of installing new call centre software only to find that it is too complicated for your staff. Dropped and missed calls quickly contribute to client dissatisfaction. Have a thorough demonstration and testing of the software before you agree to buy.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Inclusive

Sometimes customers don't need to speak to a person; they just need readily available information that could be extracted from a database, for example opening times or address details. If customers are making international calls to gain information, they won't want to stay on the phone very long. This software option ensures the customer gets their information quickly and they leave happy plus your call centre team doesn't have to be weighed down with repetitive, easily answerable questions.

Don't Keep Them Holding

Call back functionality allows the customer to choose whether they will hold or have a call centre operator call them back at a time of their choosing. Customers appreciate this convenient service. If your customers require international calls , consider making these through a cheaper rate company, as this can make a huge difference to your profit margin.


Call centre software must link seamlessly with the other components of your telephone system. Most call centre systems can track the activity and performance of individual team members, but true integration can track and report on data collected by your current telephone applications. For example, it can collate how many hang-ups or disconnects your team have and also the rate of transfers and even trends in hold times. Armed with this information, management can react quickly when there are lapses in service.

Providing Statistics and Performance Management

Call centre software can monitor and report back in real time. This allows each operator (and their manager) to observe their performance, their call success rate and many other critical factors that contribute to a happy or dissatisfied customer. The immediacy of this kind of feedback brings a team together into a more productive unit; it encourages quick and confident agent decisions and it allows both the team members and their management to clearly see where there are problem areas that could be affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Before you invest in call centre software be sure that it satisfies your complete list of requirements based on your customer offering. Be vigorous with your questioning and ask for testimonials from customers who have used the software before. A clear demonstration of the software, its complexities and statistic creation is so important. If your call centre and management teams are going to find it difficult to use, your customer satisfaction rates are going to fall quickly. Your objective is to find software that not only serves you well as a company, but also, above all else, serves your clients and their customers by providing a seamless and painless call centre service.

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