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What to Look for in a Diamond Broker

May - 14 - 2014


If you’re looking for wholesale diamond prices from reputable Australian diamond wholesale brokers, no doubt you’ll want to know how to find a good broker who will offer you an ideal cut diamond price.

To make sure the broker measures up to the necessary standards, there are a few questions you can ask the broker. The broker should answer “yes” to all the questions if you want a great price for top quality stones. If you’re unsure of the broker, consider shopping around.

Why Do You Need a Good Broker?

It’s critical that you find a good diamond broker who can help you with selecting loose stones, whatever the occasion. These experts specialise in providing quality diamond education so that you can make the best possible purchase decision. They will be able to educate on the importance of the 4 Cs (carat weight, diamond colour, diamond cut and diamond clarity). They will also be able to offer certified GIA diamonds that possess a GIA cut grade, symmetry grade or polish grade of either very good or excellent.

A good diamond broker will go beyond this education, though. They will tap into their knowledge as graduate gemologists to pick out loose diamonds that best suit your budget and preferences. They will have a decent network of dealers from whom they can select, locate and negotiate the best possible quality for the lowest possible price.

While one of the best tools for looking for diamonds is the internet, just using an online dealer can cause quite a bit of anxiety for a buyer. You need to be able to see the diamonds in person and make sure the broker has an established relationship with reputable jewellers.

Questions to Ask Wholesale Diamond Dealers

  1. Will you show me the wholesale diamond price list for the stones I choose?
  2. Does each and every diamond come complete with a grading certificate from a respected, independent gem lab?
  3. Do you offer any sort of written 30-day money back type of guarantee?
  4. Do you have any outstanding complaints and if so, how do you plan on dealing with them?
  5. If I want to trade the diamond at a later stage for a larger size, will you offer me the full price? (This particular question is a good one to ask a store).
  6. Do you have professional diamond cutters and specialise in loose diamonds instead of class rings, crystal or birthstones?
  7. How long have you been in the diamond business? Is it longer than 2 years?
  8. Besides a loupe, do you have a microscope so I can easily view the diamond under magnification?
  9. I want to compare the colour of the diamonds I choose – do you have a CZ master colour or set of diamond grading stones for me to compare to?
  10. Are you, or do you have someone who is a GIA graduate gemologist who will ensure that all my diamond questions are answered?
  11. Instead of the regular display lights that tend to artificially enhance the colour of the stones, do you have a full-spectrum diamond light that you use for colour grading?

Calling Around

Once you’re armed with this set of questions for a diamond broker, start calling around to find brokers that can truthfully answer “yes” to all eleven questions. When you find one, spend some time asking questions about the quality of the diamonds and learning a little more about the 4 Cs.

Make sure the broker has a good relationship with fine jewellers in your area so that you can ensure you get the best quality for the best price. Remember to research wholesale diamond prices before committing to make a purchase and ensure that the Australian diamond wholesale brokers that you approach are trustworthy, qualified and able to offer you an ideal cut diamond price.

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