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These days, brand marketing is more than the content which you actively choose to put out. In fact, now that social media has brought consumers firmly inside their favorite brands, there is nowhere to hide. To be a success, particularly in a major financial hub like Singapore, you need to maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.

This extends to your workplace because it is a key part of your brand narrative. Not only that but it is where your employees spend most of their time, so it has to be good enough. While it isn’t always easy to make the right decisions, there are plenty of resources out there to help. For smaller companies, serviced offices provide the perfect balance of flexibility and stability.

Take a moment to ask yourself what your current office says about your business. If it doesn’t convey the following things, it might be time to make a change.

We Are Ready for Change

Laying the groundwork for change isn’t a way of saying that the company isn’t good enough. It is recognition of the fact that it can always be better. Change is the lifeblood of business and your office should offer plenty of room for growth and development.

This relates to physical space (the capacity to upgrade to a bigger suite) and corporate assets (adding services and features). Serviced facilities are the easiest way to make this possible because they come with fully negotiable leases. Visit www.servcorp.com.sg/en/ for information on the serviced suites available in Singapore.

We Are In Control

It might sound basic, but many first-time business owners are surprised at how much things like heating, lighting, and routine maintenance eat into time and capital. Yet, there’s nothing worse than broken fittings, untidy workstations, and uncomfortable conditions. Traditionally, a manager would hire separate providers for each utility.

However, this can be very costly and it doesn’t even guarantee that there won’t be time-consuming problems in the future. This is one of the reasons why serviced offices are so popular with small businesses. These fully equipped workspaces take care of all the basic logistics (heating, lighting, cleaning, IT support, mailboxes) in exchange for one flat fee.

We Belong Here

Location prejudice can make or break a business in Singapore and in many of the other major cities around the world. While it might be superficial to judge a company based entirely on its address, it is common. If you want to get noticed and look like you belong among the big market players, you need to be close to them, even if it’s with a short term serviced lease.

Investors, clients, suppliers, and customers naturally favour businesses with recognisable addresses. So, for example, if you were operating outside of the city centre and you went up against a similarly sized market rival with a prestigious address, it wouldn’t necessarily come down to who has the better product. Your address represents you, so make it special.

Why Serviced Offices Say ‘We Are Here To Stay’

While the corporate culture in Singapore is friendly to smaller businesses and startups, there are still challenges to overcome if you want to be a success. Serviced offices solutions can be an invaluable asset because they allow companies to retain a degree of flexibility.

When the markets are turbulent and trends are rapidly shifting, it is this flexibility which will help you to survive. Certainly, for the first few years of life, it is a good idea to avoid long term lock in contracts. They may be standard for many conventional office leases, but they aren’t necessarily the best idea for young entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

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