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What Does a Stock Broker Do?

Aug - 3 - 2014

A stock broker is one of the most intriguing and perhaps one of the most mysterious career fields that a person can pursue. There is a fine line between loving and loathing stocks, bonds, brokerage accounts, and other investment vehicles. People who do not understand what stock brokers do on a daily basis may fear the profession and appear disinterested or even aloof toward investment bankers and stock brokers. In reality, there are many diverse areas within a stock broker career and the possibilities for potential growth are nearly limitless.

Job Satisfaction

As with any other profession, the stock broker career must be met with equal parts of enthusiasm and trepidation. There are certain aspects of every job that are clearly unpleasant and all work related such as creating monthly reports. At the same time, there are other tasks that are more enjoyable such as interacting with coworkers or customers. Finding a job that has the right balance of necessary and pleasant tasks is the best way for a stock broker to remain satisfied throughout their career. The workplace environment is just about as important as the individual attitude as the stock broker so the employment opportunity must be a relevant fit for the personality of a specific employee.

Some stock brokers choose to work for large investment firms and handle large individual or corporate accounts while others prefer to have daily face-to-face contact with individuals and families saving for retirement or some other specific event. Other stock brokers may choose to pursue the necessary licensing to become certified financial planners or investment advisors to further their career path and work directly with individual clients. Stock brokers can also become educators and teach in secondary schools, universities, and even in various workplaces as independent consultants. There are plenty of avenues for licensed stock brokers to consider as they embark on their career.

Prospective Income

Education is a relatively expensive investment and the potential payout must be worth the risk. Those professionals in the financial industry are perhaps more acutely aware of the risk versus reward calculation when considering a career choice or educational field to pursue. As stock brokers learn when and how to buy and sell portions of publicly traded companies they begin to realize the potential for commissions and a higher stock broker salary. When brokers partner with specific business or industry leaders they can significantly increase their stock broker salary by creating detailed contracts regarding their portfolio offerings.

Whether stock brokers choose to work with retirement investments, employer sponsored plans, or individual investments, they can create a fulfilling and successful career by seeking out the most appropriate job opportunities available to meet their needs. The overall goal for stock brokers is to make money for their clients by providing guidance or advice regarding investment options. They may offer an investment risk quiz to investors in an effort to evaluate their overall risk tolerance. Most stock brokers also spend a considerable amount of time educating their clients about investment strategies and new investment opportunities that may be suitable for their savings goals.

There is always more to learn on this subject if, perhaps, interested in pursuing this profession as a career. So the best advice is to do your own research before choosing this as a career.

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